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Actor Adil Hussein has many reasons to be happy.his movie footprints on the water The film recently premiered at the British Asian Film Festival, where Hussein won the Best Actor award for the film. Directed by Natalia Sham, her British film debut, the film also won her Best Debut Award at the New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF).

Talk about Adil Hussein's movie 'Footprints On Water'
Talk about Adil Hussein’s movie ‘Footprints On Water’

“It’s the first time I’ve tried to film a subject that isn’t commonly talked about in this part of the world,” says Hussein excitedly about the film, which deals with the plight of illegal immigrants in Britain.

While the project continues to make headlines around the world, Hussain laments the fact that it is often ignored by Indian audiences at home, even though it has attracted attention at international film festivals.

“If you ask me, audiences have not had a formal education from Indian filmmakers in the last 30-40 years and should not be blamed for this. The kind of movies that have become able to do are more black and white, the typical “good boy, bad boy.” [stories]. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why Indian audiences are not used to watching complex films and are not well-developed to watch good films,” said the actor, adding: It’s easier for them to sell black-and-white film instead of film with shades of gray. ”

The 59-year-old feels that another major reason films of this kind often go unnoticed is the lack of funding for their production and promotion.

“producer [in India] They are not ready to trust the content, and they are not ready to invest the money to bring these films into the public consciousness and perception. And even if you promote it, it’s very unlikely that the film will be liked. footprints on the water Since a theatrical release requires a large amount of funds, it may be released to the general public. So this work may be on his OTT platform, but people don’t even know such a movie exists unless it is officially promoted. ” What Will People Say (2017) and Bell Bottom (2021) The actor added that viewers may not even know of the existence of such films unless they get legitimate publicity.

Even with streaming, which is considered revolutionary for movies and movie-watching, “people ask, ‘Who’s starring? follow those of [where they cast fresh talent]points out Hussain, who recently appeared in a web series. Tooth Paris: When Love Bites.

“We are still looking for buyers for the film,” Hussein said, adding, “You can spend big bucks on bad content and get hype. But good content is available and people love it. If you are, you should take the risk and put some money into it to reach a wider audience.”

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