Dileesh Pothan is fabulous in Ranjan Pramod’s ‘O.Baby’, a richly textured strike against all kinds of ownership

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The story is set during the COVID-19 lockdown, and both the characters and the story fall into place slowly and steadily as they exquisitely portray the process of two young people falling in love. To go.


Many people gather at the event. Even though it’s a betrothal ceremony, the bride doesn’t smile. She has plans to study further and get a job, but she definitely does not want to go abroad and settle where her future husband works. During and immediately after church ceremonies, we meet three kinds of young people. We meet a meek bride who says “I will” before the priest because of her parents who “own” her. We met her rebellious sister. She yells at her parents for “committing a crime” by either coercing or emotionally blackmailing them into this engagement. The older and younger sisters are named Merrin and Mini and are played by Atulya V and feisty Haniyah girlfriend Nafia. they are rich They come from a family that owns a plantation, but it is also a feudal family. At one point Mini asks why most of her family lives abroad. Perhaps it was a means of escape from this oppression. Or maybe many of them, like Merrin, couldn’t say no to those who “owned” them.

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