10 Wild Things That Prove Ambani Family Can Do Anything

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We often wish we were rich enough to make our dreams come true easily. Some millionaires and billionaires have the luxury of doing so in the blink of an eye. The billionaire girlfriend Ambanis never looks back while showing off her wealth to the world. They often prove by their actions that they can do anything they want.

Super grand and extravagant events also prove their wealth power and holding power around the world.

Here are a few things that show billionaire Ambanis can do anything.

1. Host your own version of the Met Gala on the ‘pink’ carpet

Hosted by Ambanis, the 2023 NMACC was not inferior to the digital version of the Met Gala. Celebrities and artists from around the world attended the lavish event. See Zedaya looking gorgeous in her traditional outfit.

nmacc zendaya

2. Ambanis allows your Labrador to be your ring bearer at your wedding.

3. Free internet

Now, this isn’t something everyone can do, right? Enabling customers to use the internet for free is Ambani’s strength.


4. Make global star Beyoncé perform at your pre-wedding celebration

In 2018, a Bloomberg report cited an anonymous source familiar with planning the wedding. Planners estimated the week-long festivities to cost about $100 million. This is currently 820 crore in Indian currency.

However, another person close to the Ambani family claimed the amount was over $15 million, or Rs 122 million in Indian currency. It definitely sounds affordable for Ambanise.

Beyoncé at Ambani's wedding
india today

5. Ambani’s luxury properties deserve special mention.They own the most expensive private mansion in the world

Antilia might have been “the most expensive house in the world” were it not for Buckingham Palace (a royal property). Its value is $2 billion.

Ambani House
spot boy

6. In fact, Antilia was built for a family of five and a staff of 600.

Antilia ($2 billion)

7. Only Ambanise can coordinate the Bollywood-Hollywood crossover with such ease.

NMACC event
film fair

8. Get celebrities like Bachchans and SRK to cook at your wedding

During the wedding celebration of Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal, a video of the SRK, Aamir Khan and Bachchan families serving food to the wedding guests went viral.

DuYPlSVVYAA15wv (1)

Abhishek Bachchan explained on Twitter that it is a Hindu wedding tradition called ‘Sajangoth’ for the bride’s family to provide food to the groom’s family and make sure they are well fed.

9. Said to have the habit and luxury of not repeating shoes

The internet is flooded with reports that Nita Ambani doesn’t like repeating her shoes.

Nita Ambani shoes

10. Have a Bollywood icon like Salman Khan dancing in the background

This incident is from Isha Ambani’s wedding when Salman Khan became a background dancer for Anant Ambani.

Ambanis and Salman Khan

So. If you have any more requests for billionaire ambanis, feel free to share them as below.

Some people don’t want it to be a private event,

Your appeal may get noticed.

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