Rekha’s Biographer Breaks Silence On Actress’ Alleged ‘Live-In Lesbian Relationship With Her Secretary Farzana Claims, Threatens Legal Actions

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Reka biographer threatens legal action over fake 'domestic relationship' report on actress
Reka’s biographer breaks silence on allegations of cohabitation with actress’s secretary Farzana (Photo: Instagram)

In recent days, Reka has been in the news for controversial personal reasons. This evergreen actress has often been the subject of some remarks in her past interviews. While she has garnered her attention for her timeless and ethnic look, an interesting story from her biography recently surfaced on her web and caused a stir. Now biographers are giving a similar reaction.

For those unfamiliar, media reports said Rekha’s biography stated that she had a lesbian live-in relationship with her manager, Farzana. Shortly after the article went viral and made headlines, author Yasser Usman responded similarly, denying all claims.

Yasser Usman, author of Rekha: The Untold Story, issued a statement on Twitter, saying: “The quote claiming a ‘domestic relationship’ in my book ‘Rekha: The Untold Story’ is completely fabricated, falsified, false and clearly intended to create sensation.” I insist that the quotes mentioned in the media article are not included in my book at all. “

“Furthermore, throughout the manuscript, the terms ‘domestic relationship’ or ‘hermetic existence’ or ‘biography claiming the relationship is sexual’ are never used,” he added. These misquotes are the result of inappropriate clickbait his journalism continues to resurface every few years. If these quotes attributed to me or my book Rekha The Untold Story are not corrected immediately, I will not hesitate to take legal action against the responsible publication. ”

The author captions his remarks as follows: “The reluctance of clickbait journalism to verify facts is despicable. And most of the time they target women. It’s a statement.”

For those unfamiliar, Rekha’s biography was originally published in 2016.

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