Do You Know About Various Types Of Blue Gemstones

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types of blue gems

Blue gemstones have a timeless elegance and beauty that will never go out of style. From sapphire, topaz, aquamarine to turquoise, there are many different types, each with its own characteristics, properties and symbolism.

For centuries, these blue beauties have been prized for their grace, value, rarity, and supposed healing properties and mystical powers. It has also been used as amulets and amulets.

Whether you’re a gem enthusiast, collector, or just someone who appreciates the beauty of these stones, understanding the different types is important when purchasing certified stones from a trusted source like GemPundit. to help you explore its unique qualities and make informed decisions.

Sapphire: The Most Famous Blue Gemstone

natural blue sapphire It is a type of corundum, a mineral made of aluminum oxide. Sapphires come in many colors, but blue is by far the most popular and valuable.

Sapphire’s blue color is due to the presence of iron and titanium in the mineral. The intensity of blue varies from bright pale blue to deep blue. The most valuable sapphire is the bright, intense blue sapphire known as ‘cornflower blue’.

In addition to its beauty and rarity, blue sapphires also have powerful astrological benefits. In Vedic astrology, she is associated with Saturn, one of the most influential and powerful planets in the solar system. According to astrologers, wearing blue sapphire can reduce the negative influence of Saturn and bring prosperity, success and good fortune.

Blue Sapphire is also associated with qualities such as discipline, focus and wisdom, making it popular with those seeking to improve their mental and emotional health. Wearing this stone improves concentration, mental clarity and decision-making ability, making it ideal for students, professionals and anyone seeking to improve their cognitive abilities.

blue sapphire

Aquamarine: cool blue of the sea

Aquamarine is a beautiful blue gemstone that means “water” and “sea” in Latin. A member of the beryl family of minerals, most commonly found in shades of blue-green. The most valuable and desirable aquamarines are those of pure, brilliant blue, resembling the cold blue of the ocean.

aquamarine stone A hard and durable stone with a hardness rating of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, it is suitable for rings, bracelets and other fine jewelry.

In addition to beauty and durability, aquamarine is also associated with healing and metaphysical properties. It can promote calmness and tranquility while reducing stress and anxiety. This stone can stimulate the throat chakra associated with communication and self-expression and is often used in meditation and spiritual practices to promote inner peace and tranquility.

aquamarine pendant

Topaz: brilliant blue gemstone

Blue topaz is the most common and popular variety of the silicate mineral family, prized for its striking and vibrant hues. The blue color comes from the presence of trace elements such as iron and chromium, which give the stone its characteristic shade.

Topaz is a durable and versatile gemstone suitable for use in a wide range of jewelry designs, from rings and earrings to pendants and bracelets. For those wishing to increase their astrological powers, it enhances mental clarity and focus, promotes creativity and self-expression, and stimulates the third eye and throat chakras.

The most valuable topaz stones are those with a pure, intense blue color, high clarity, and a well-proportioned cut that maximizes the stone’s brilliance and beauty.

topaz blue
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Turquoise: The Stone of the Southwest

Turquoise is a unique blue gemstone that has been appreciated by cultures around the world for thousands of years. This is a hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate mineral usually found in shades of blue and green.

Turquoise is perhaps most closely associated with the American Southwest, which has been loved and cherished for centuries. This stone has also been associated with metaphysical powers, such as enhancing communication and self-expression, and promoting emotional balance and healing. It has protective and cleansing energies and is the perfect stone for those seeking spiritual growth and transformation.

turquoise stone

Tanzanite: A Rare Blue Gemstone From Tanzania

Tanzanite is unique in that it is only found in one place in the world, making it one of the rarest gemstones in existence. A gem’s value is also influenced by its rarity and exclusivity, as well as its spectacular color and clarity.

Tanzanite’s blue color is due to the presence of vanadium in the mineral’s chemical composition. This gemstone ranges in color from light blue to deep violet blue, and when viewed in the right lighting conditions can exhibit a spectacular play of color and fire. According to Vedic astrology, this stone promotes spiritual growth and awareness, enhancing intuition and psychic abilities.

tanzanite stone
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These are some of the most popular blue gemstones on the planet. Consider the gem’s color, clarity, and cut when purchasing one.

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