24-Year-Old IT Engineer Earning Rs 58 Lakh Package Speaks About ‘Loneliness’, Sparks Online Debate

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The long-standing question, “Can money buy happiness?” has undoubtedly resurfaced and sparked much debate. Another conversation started recently in the wake of a note written by his 24-year-old software engineer in Bengaluru about his overwhelming loneliness despite earning Rs 580,000 a year.

This sparked a series of conversations on Twitter. Half of the internet argues that money certainly gives way to getting all the comforts of life much easier, while the other half believes that some experiences in life are rare and never put a price on them. I argue that it cannot be attached.

Recently, a post by a 24-year-old software engineer revealed his loneliness despite winning an LPA of Rs 58.

The note was originally posted on Grapevine Corporate Chat, an anonymous app for professionals. However, it caught people’s attention when a Twitter user re-shared it with the caption, “India on the other side.” Despite his ease of living, he shared in his post that he was often lonely and overwhelmed.

He doesn’t have a girlfriend to share his life with, and his friends are busy with their own lives. His work life became monotonous as he had been with the same company since the beginning of his career.

Bengaluru Software Engineer Earns 58 LPA, Posts He's Lonely

The loneliness of the city, or the loneliness that accompanies modern life, is a serious undermining of the youthfulness of society.

read the post,

“Life saturation. I am 24 years old software engineer in FAANG company and have been living in Bangalore for 2.9 years. But I’m always overwhelmed and lonely in my life, I don’t have a girlfriend to hang out with and all my other friends are crazy about their lives. , their work life is monotonous because they do the same thing every day, and they are not looking forward to new challenges and growth opportunities at work. (Please don’t say “go to the gym” because I already do)

This post was shared on April 19th. Since being tweeted, it has accumulated about 1.8 million views and continues to grow. Many people felt it was a relevant and truly growing issue in this society.

Here’s how netizens reacted to this

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