31 Saree Poses Every Girl Should Try For That Perfect Click

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No wonder saree is known as six yards of elegance. A woman in a saree looks alluring. There are many occasions to wear sarees such as festivals, weddings, ethnic days at the office or simply dating. You can wear a saree anytime and anywhere.The beauty of a woman wearing a saree is best captured in a photograph. However, she has one concern when clicking pictures. It’s all about how you pose for the camera. There are several poses you can try while clicking on the photo. We have curated a list of the best saree poses to try.

With the increasing use of social media, it is mandatory for girls to post a good photo of them posing in a proper saree. You can make

To capture the aesthetically perfect saree pose, check out our list of the best poses to try the next time you wear it.

1. Half seated sally pose

Sari’s exotic sitting pose at home like this will make you look like a queen. All you need is a place to sit, such as a sofa or chair. A good looking background is a must. Beautiful backgrounds are available. If you want to do a photo shoot in the comfort of your own home, you can try these poses at home.

half seated saree pose

2. True diva look

If you want to look like a diva in a saree photo, try a look without eye contact. Taking a close-up shot with a saree pose like this will look classy.

Half saree pose at home

3. Simple saree pose

The best saree poses for photo shoots are sometimes brought about by keeping things simple. If you want to feel simple and sassy, ​​here are the best poses for a casual look.

traditional saree pose

4. Sally poses with a tilted face and a smile at home

This is one of the best Instagram sally poses that never gets old. Bend your waist slightly, tilt your head slightly, and smile. To do this, find a stable place to lean against the photo and wear a cute smile.

Sally poses for a photo

5. Specular Sally Pose

Using mirrors is trending in saree poses for Diwali and other occasions. In this pose, just lean against the mirror without looking at your reflection.

sally pose

6. Sally’s Thinking Pose

This is one of the best saree poses for photo shoots. To try this pose, place one hand on your face and turn your body towards the camera as if thinking.

Bengali saree pose
amrapari boutique

7. Confident Sally Pose

Among the best saree photo poses, this pose is comfortable on the skin and looking confident. Relax and allow Sally to hug your body. Don’t be afraid to show off your curves. Be confident, smile and make eye contact with the camera.

Sally best pose
amrapari boutique

8. Graceful saree photo pose

A saree is all about elegance. To hit this pose, throw the saree over her shoulder and let it flow. Place one hand on her hip and the other hand relaxed. When she puts on a soft and pretty smile, she instantly looks graceful.

Simple saree poses for a photo shoot at home
amrapari boutique

9. Perfect saree pose for girls

If you want the perfect girl look, try this simple sitting pose. Make sure your background complements your saree. There are millions of ways to pose a saree, but this is one of the best.

simple saree pose
amrapari boutique

10. Walking saree pose for photo shoot

A walking pose is a must when wearing a saree. The standing saree pose looks stunning if captured correctly at the right time. Keep your eyes on the camera and look confident as you walk and shed your sari. You can also step away from the camera and capture flowing silhouettes.

standing saree pose

11. Backless look saree pose

To pose the saree with a backless blouse, turn your body away from the camera, look back, and put on a sweet smile. can.

sally pose for instagram

12. For close-up photography

Try this pose if you want to show off your makeup or traditional jewelry and makeup. Close-up shots are perfect for traditional saree poses.

traditional saree pose

13. Sally’s photo shoot from behind

A saree with long hair is a beautiful combination. Play with your hair and pose with your body away from the camera. This is her one of the traditional saree poses for girls who are elegant and fun.

best saree pose

14. Look The Other Way Pose

Looking straight into the camera doesn’t work for many people. If you don’t feel confident looking into the camera and posing, you can always look the other way and pose with your hair tucked behind your ears. This is one of the best saree photo poses for shy people.

silk saree pose

15. Keep your shoulders and torso away from the camera

A straight pose in front of the camera doesn’t always look attractive. You can tilt your shoulders or rotate your torso slightly away from the camera. As you can see the results are amazing.

saree pose for instagram

16. Sit Pretty And Smile

This pose of a girl in a saree is simple and cute. This is her one of the best saree poses at home. She just sits somewhere, unfolds her beautiful saree and smiles like a happy child. The photos look beautiful and perfect.

saree poses for girls

17. Pose to shed the sari

If you want a party-going look and are wearing a shiny polyester or georgette saree. Use her hand to toss the palu a bit to create a flowing image of the saree.

party saree pose

18. Boss Lady Sally Pose

A saree is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in different styles and on different occasions. If draped properly, a saree will always look elegant. If you’re in the mood to conquer the world, this boss lady look is a good try.

saree pose for work

19. Sit on the stairs

The pose of the saree sitting on the stairs looks amazing when done properly.

saree pose new style

20. Simple saree poses for at-home photo shoots

This pose is easy. Just lean against the door of your house and smile. Make sure the door is a single color. A neat surround complements a classic photo you can be proud of.

standing saree pose

21. Skinny Sally Pose

The Lean Sally Pose is a go-to pose for everyone. All you have to do is find a platform where you can lean back and look at the camera and smile.

lean saree pose

22. Looking back at Sally’s pose

There is nothing more attractive than the turned sari pose and it is also one of the popular Bengali sari poses. All you need to do is keep your back facing the camera and look back gracefully.

Bengali saree

23. Sally poses with friends

There are several opportunities to get together with friends at weddings and festivals to show off your saree looks.

Sally pose with friends

24. Simple Sally Pose on the Balcony

Clicking pictures of a beautiful saree at home has never been this easy. If you have a balcony at home, go outside in your traditional costume and lean back on the balcony with your hands on the railing and pose as if you were waiting for someone.

Simple saree pose on the balcony

25. Strike a Pal Flow Pose

This saree pose can be a little tricky to execute, but I think it will work after a few failed attempts. wait to click on the photo.

candid saree pose

26. Sun Kiss Sally Pose

A tanned pose never gets old. It makes you shine so bright! Drape your favorite saree, head out into the sun and wear your best smile. I’m sure he will be one of the best saree poses.

tanned saree pose

27. Sally’s photoshoot at home

Try this fun and candid saree pose on your patio at home. Everyone will be jealous of your happy photos.

Sally's photo shoot at home

28. Saree Bridal Pose

This is one of the best bridal sari poses. The bride and groom are shy at first, so stand with their heads down and calm, with a bright smile on their face.

saree bridal pose

29. Adjusting Saree Pallu Pose

Adjusting the pal pose is very common, but this is a simple and go-to saree pose for all girls and women wearing six yards of elegance.

Adjusting Saree Pallu Pose

30. Sally pose for shy girls

If you’re camera shy and don’t want to show your face in photos, but want your photos to show off. Go for this pose in the photo below.

saree pose for shy girls

31. Chic look

If you want to settle into a bold and beautiful pose while showing off your curves with a saree, this is one of the best saree poses for you.

chic look

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