Maaveeran/Mahaveerudu Budget & Day 1 Box Office Collection Worldwide

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Marvelan, starring Sivakarthikeyan and Aditi Shankar, got off to a strong opening day in Tamil Nadu, becoming the fifth highest opening film of 2023.Marveeran will be released as ‘Mahaveerudu’ in Telugu

Maaveeran’s Day 1 Box Office Collection

A total of 60 billion to 800 billion yen in Tamil Nadu

Andhra Pradesh/Telangana: 1-2 billion in total

Overseas: 1 billion to 2 billion in total

Total turnover of 10-12 billion worldwide

‘Maaveeran’ is the sixth highest-grossing Tamil film of 2023 worldwide at the box office

2023 Top Premiere Tamil Movies Worldwide

  1. Ponniyin Selvan 2: Total amount of 641.4 billion yen
  2. Valis: total sales of 475 billion yen
  3. Tunib: JPY 410 billion in total
  4. Vaathi: 14.85 billion yen in total
  5. Maaveeran: $1-12 billion in total
  6. Maamannan: 10 billion yen in total
  7. Patu Tara: 80 billion yen in total
  8. Rudran: 5 billion total
  9. Vidutalai Part 1: 4.5 billion yen in total
  10. Agilan: Total amount of 2.75 billion yen

Top Tamil movies on opening day 2022, 2023 Tamil Nadu box office

  1. Bali Mai: Total ¥361.7 billion
  2. Beast: 314 billion yen in total
  3. PS1: 268.5 billion yen in total
  4. Tunib: 221.5 billion yen in total
  5. Valis: 20.15 billion yen in total
  6. Vikram – 20.61 billion yen total
  7. PS 2: Total sales of 181 billion
  8. Cobra -$1.55 billion
  9. ET – 15.21 billion in total
  10. RRR – total ¥127.3 billion

Marvell’s budget

Maaveeran is being produced on a total budget of 8.5 billion yen

Maaveeran Prerelease Business

Tamil Nadu – 38 billion
Telugu Nation – 5.5 Billion
Karnataka + ROI – 4.5 billion
Overseas – ¥10 billion
Global theater business value – $580 billion

Total non-theater business: $520 billion

OTT rights: Amazon Prime 320 billion

Satellite Right: 2 Billion Sun TV

Total theater + non-theater business: 110 million

Table profit: 25 billion yen

marvellan screen

‘Maaveeran’ is out on nearly 800 screens worldwide

600 screens in Tamil Nadu

200 screens in Kerala

Marvell Hit or Flop

Maaveeran will be a hit if it sells $100 million worldwide

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