15 Common Clothing Items Purposes And Why They Were Invented

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Over the years, the purpose of some clothing items has completely changed from what they were originally invented for.Today’s fashion trends are evolving. This article describes some of such clothing items and provides insight into what their true purpose was.

Let’s take a look at the real purpose of these everyday inventions.

1. The trench coat, which is indispensable for military, becomes fashionable

During World War I, Burberry and Aquascutum designed trench coats for French and British officers. Made of waterproof material, it protects the soldier from the elements. The shoulder straps of the coat indicated the rank of soldier and officer.

After the war, men still wore trench coats to maintain respect and pride for their officers.

History of the trench coat

2. Little black dress

In the 1920s, it was common for widows to wear black dresses for at least two years as a symbol of mourning. Then, in 1926, Coco sold her famous little black dress, Vogue’s Chanels her Ford, in memory of her loved ones. After that, this dress became popular all over the world.

History of the Little Black Dress - Coco Chanel
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3. High heels

It was invented by Persian soldiers in the 16th century to provide stability while shooting a bow from the back of a horse. In ancient Egypt, high heels were a sign of high status. In those days, both women and men wore high heels.

history of high heels

4. How to use small jeans pockets

In the 1800s, these little jean pockets served a big purpose. Small pockets are commonly known as pocket watches. Since wristwatches had not been invented at the time, it was made for men to store pocket watches and chains.

It was made for minors by Levi Strauss, the owner of “West Overall”, but later became popular. Today it is known as thumb pocket, condom pocket, key and coin pocket.

Shocking uses for Tiny Jeans Pocket

5. Perfume

In ancient Egypt, perfume was created to communicate with the gods. Used by priests in religious ceremonies as a symbol of divine presence or to receive new heights of spirituality and faith.

In the 17th century, only the upper class could afford it, so it became part of hygiene and was known as the royal fragrance.

The history of perfume and cologne
fragrance x

6. Belt

In the Bronze Age, belts were made to tie long tunics around the waist. Medieval armies used belts to carry weapons, to show rank, and to gain respect from the people.

belt history
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7. Loop in back of shirt

The loop first became famous among Navy sailors. We didn’t have a lot of space to store our uniforms, so we hung the loops on hooks to dry.

In the 1960s, GANT added a loop called the Rocker Loop. Ivy League college students used Locker Loops to keep their shirts wrinkle-free.

loop in back of shirt
Timeso India

8. Don’t underestimate the little metal buttons in the corners of your jeans

The real purpose is more practical than style. Levi’s Jeans Press added these rivets (small metal buttons) to hold all the sewn parts in place and prevent your jeans from tearing over long periods of use.

A small metal button in the corner of your jeans

9. Lapel buttonholes are not for flowers

At the time, there were buttons under the buttonholes in the lapel of the suit. The purpose was to fully button the coat to protect against the cold.

lapel buttonhole
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10. Jacket sleeve buttons

“Friedrich the Great” of Russia gave the idea of ​​having buttons on the sleeves to prevent soldiers from wiping their noses and mouths, to prevent their uniforms from tearing, and to make them look dirty.

It is also called a surgeon’s cuff because a soldier can unbutton the cuff and roll it up to perform surgery on the battlefield without staining the jacket.

Purpose of jacket sleeve buttons

11. Sunglasses

Chinese discovered sunglasses at 12th century. They used them to cover their eyes and hide their facial expressions. It is mainly used by Chinese court judges during witness examinations. At the time, sunglasses were meant to be worn indoors and were flat sheets of quartz.

Today, it is widely used to protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays and as a fashion statement.

history of sunglasses
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12. Cole/Kajal was used for protection

Around 3100 BC, kajal was used as a remedy for eye ailments to protect children from the evil eye and the sun’s rays. Everyone wore the kajal in different ways, with the kajal attached to the top and bottom lash lines.

Today, it is used as a make-up accessory that enhances beauty.

ancient egyptian kohl eyeliner
ancient egypt

13. Ring

In ancient Egypt, seal rings were used to confirm documents for business purposes, as rings contained the name and title of the owner. It has served the purpose of relationship status.

Today, rings are also used for fashion purposes.

origin of the ring

14. pompom hat

European soldiers wore pom-pom hats in different colors to represent their rank. In the late 18th century, sailors began wearing pom-pom hats to protect themselves from bumping their heads on low-sealed decks.

The history of pom pom hats

15. Ties

Ancient Chinese soldiers began wearing ties to protect themselves from the cold. Another purpose was to use ties as handkerchiefs. It was used in formal attire as a sign of

History of Kizuna
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We hope you find these facts about clothing interesting.

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