A Heavy Metal Anthem of Rebellion

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Instrumental rock and heavy metal guitarist Bright has released ‘The Dark Prince’, the first single from his upcoming double album ‘Skyquakes’. This new track marks a return to old-school heavy metal and his ’80s thrash influences, combined with a progressive electric guitar composition approach.

Bright’s mastermind, Preetam.SP, plays guitar, bass guitar, drums, electronic, piano and synths. “The Dark Prince” is the first track in the catalog to include a bit of his singing. Slated for release in 2023/2024, the album will be Bright’s third full-length album following 2022’s ‘UDO’.

“The Dark Prince” is a rebellious heavy metal anthem that reflects Bright’s anger at society and the world we live in. The new album is full of guitar solos and heavy rhythm sections, perfect for raging. Although Bright’s tracks are left to the listener’s interpretation, the new album’s track titles are simpler than its predecessor. A general theme of “Skyquakes” is “absolute defiance.”

Preetam’s path to becoming a musician began at an early age, surrounded by music such as Michael Jackson, vintage movies and the Backstreet Boys. He attended Hindustani his tabla classes at the age of ten, but refused to take his junior exams after completing months of training. He eventually enrolled in piano classes, but quit before taking his first Trinity grade exams.

In his later years, he was part of a five-member caroling group that sang carols every night for several weeks around Christmas. He was 14 at the time and this was his first taste of a band. Preetam developed an affinity for rebellious, high-tempo music before his teenage years, citing rock’n’roll and heavy metal as the musical forms that best reflect his feelings about his life and the world. rice field.

By the age of 18, he was doing heavy metal vocal and frontman work in local bands, but after a few shows realized he could express himself better with an electric guitar. When he was 18, he taught himself how to play his favorite heavy metal songs. He is also one of the proud founding members and frontman of the black metal band ‘ANTI’. of Mysore, India.

“Dark Prince” showcases Bright’s musical talents and passion for heavy metal, creating a powerful rebellious anthem that leaves listeners wanting more. On “Skyquakes,” fans can expect a return to old-school heavy metal, coupled with his progressive electric guitar approach to composition.

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