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Guest article by DP Langan

(DP Langan wrote about the ecstasy side of love when the stars shine brighter, the skies bluer than ever, flowers bloom and the world smiles sweetly. Result.

In our film, heartbreak came in many forms and for many different reasons. The most common reason, Plan says, was villains. The villain is obsessed with her woman and gets her at any cost, often kidnapping her and even keeping her confined in some films. Haveli, until the expert is discovered and forced at gunpoint to quickly complete the ritual. Often villains were only interested in daddy’s wealth. Sometimes Daddy locked her up because she couldn’t stand her sprinting with her low-ranking hero. At other times it was a simple lovers tiff. Although the perfect link cannot be made, the virah was an integral part of any romance.

Langan said last month ecstasy part loveNow he shows the other side – suffering – with love. Langan, thanks for another great article. – AK)

Bhoolnewale Yaad Na Aye (Video Song) | Anoki Ada | Surendra | Naseem Banu | Shamshad Begum - YouTubeThe second part of the “love” theme deals with flipping the coin. People usually imagine a happy ending in a love affair between a man and a woman, and many songs in our films portray it in a light like the one I showed in the previous part. It’s about treating the whole incident as a hit or miss. With every successful and happy ending, very often unrequited love ends in disappointment and a breakup between lovers. Love isn’t a bed of roses, it’s full of thorns that overturn a cart of apples.

The lyricist and music director worked together to produce a song of pure anguish that lays bare her frustration at an act of love, and the singer also played a role. Moviegoers experience it vicariously as they watch it on the silver screen of the cinema. Analysis reveals that the female solos are far superior to the male solos and duets in terms of the sadness that overflows through the song.

I will now begin my post with some duets of anguish and sorrow. It seems to link them so that they sing in sync in no sequence.

1. Habal Kya Ti Ki Gum Khana Padega By Mohammad Rafi and Shamshad Begum Chandni Rath (1949), music by Naushad, lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni

Shyam begins to mourn out of regret for having loved, and Naseem Banu is equally good at reciprocating melancholic moods.

2. Paas aa ke huye hum door yahi tha kismat ko manzoor By Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar Meena Bazaar (1950), music Husnlal-Bhagatram, lyrics Qamar Jalalabadi

Both Shyam and Nargis condemn.”kiss matBecause of the distraught situation they are in.

3. Seene me sulagate hain armaan By Talat Mahmood and Lata Mangeshkar Tarana (1951), music by Anil Biswas, lyrics by Prem Dhawan

A far-away song between Dilip Kumar and Madhubala, and Anil Bis set to music a wonderful melancholy, showed the bitterness of their parting.

Four. Mohabbat mein aise zamaane bhi aaye By Talat Mahmood and Lata Mangeshkar search (1951), music C Ramchandra, lyrics Rajendra Krishna

Premnath vomits sorrow from the prison, Rehana Sultan vomits from outside.

Five. Mujhe gale se laga lo, bahut udas hun main By Asha Bonsle and Mohammad Rafi Aj Owl Kal (1963), music Ravi, lyrics Sahir Ludhiyanavi

Nanda (princess) and Sunil Dutt (doctor) were separated through this song by the cruel orders of her father Ashok Kumar, Maharajah of the State.

6. kyon unhe dil diya haye ye kya kiya By Surendra and Shamshad Begum Anoki Ada (1948), music by Naushad, lyrics by Shakeel Badauni

Naseem Banu lies on a haystack carried by an oxcart. Surendra sits in a car being repaired, being towed by an oxcart. Although the two are next to each other, they sing as if they are far away. The lyricist, singer and music composer worked together to create this slow, mournful evergreen tune. I’m sure there are enough listeners even today.This probably formed the basis for another song by Naushad in the film Anmol Gadi (1946) Distant song about frustrated love sung by Surendra and Noorjehan – Ours De Kahan Hai.

In sad songs like this, there are many solos (applies both ways) for various reasons, such as the lover being away or he/she being indifferent. Let’s start with female solo songs.

7. Kiss Tara Boulega Dill Noorjehan from Gaon Ki Gori (1945), Music Sham Thunder, Lyricist Zia Sarhadi

It is a song of Noor Jahan who thinks of a lover who has left the village. We chose this because the live video has poor audio and is available.

8. Unse hum kuchh kahte kahte rah gaye Written by Lata Mangeshkar dill ki basti (1949), music Ghulam Mohammad, lyrics Waheed Qureshi

Nigar Sultana remembers an absent lover who ignited her love for him and disappeared.

9. dil todne wale o dil todne wale Written by Lata Mangeshkar boli (1949), music by Pandit Gobind Ram, lyrics by Ishwar Chandra Kapoor

Gita Bali appeals to the Almighty why she always falls in love.

Ten. Mushkir Hai Bahat Mushkir Written by Lata Mangeshkar Mahal (1949), music by Khemchand Prakash, lyrics by Naqshab Jarchavi

Madhubala, the gardener’s daughter, cries aloud at the absence of her lover, Ashok Kumar, and her inability to forget her love for him. A wonderfully pathetic song with timeless charm.

11. Kagare Joke Lata Mangeshkar from Wafa (1950), music Vinod, lyrics Aziz Kashmiri

Nimmi is requesting a common crow to take her message and ask her Bedardi Sweetheart, why did he abandon her? Vinod created a masterpiece of heartbreak, and Lata Mangeshkar made it real and appealed to the listener. Another equally charming song from the film is sung by Lata Mangeshkar – Apni Apni Kismet High.

12. Aankhon se door hoke dil se na bhool jana Written by Lata Mangeshkar Pia Ki Manzil (1950), music Husnlal-Bhagatram, lyrics Rajendra Krishna

Munawar Sultana pleads with Rehman not to forget her in her absence. She reinforces her argument by saying that he is her only refuge and that her tears won’t stop until he returns, a slow song typical of the composer.

13. Daaman pakad ke chod dye Written by Lata Mangeshkar Shagun (1951), music Husnlal-Bhagatram, lyrics Mulkraj Bhakri

Sulochana Chatterjee is heartbroken after complaining about neglect by her lover, Kamal Kapoor.

14. Dil de ke sanam tumhein pachhtaaye Written by Lata Mangeshkar amber (1952), music by Ghulam Mohammad, lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni

Nargis regrets falling in love with Raj Kapoor. She tells of various misfortunes that befell her.

Here are some songs for the main character who is sad about falling in love.

15. Bhoolnewale yaad na aa by Mukesh from Anoki Ada (1948), music by Naushad, lyrics by Shakeel Badauni

Prem Adib expresses his frustration at not being able to woo Naseem Banu. He is watched over by Zeb Qureshi, who admires him.

16. Mohabbat ke dhokhe mein koi na aaye by Mohammad Rafi Buddy Bahen (1949), music Husnlal-Bhagatram, lyrics Rajendra Krishna

Rahman, who fell in love according to him fruitless, advises everyone else not to commit this folly. He didn’t shed tears until he fell in love, but he emphasizes that falling in love led to profuse tears.

17. Wo Jigar Kahan Se Laung Talat Mahmoud from Dire Nardan (1953), music by Ghulam Mohammad, lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni

This is one of the few films in which Talaat Mahmoud is the main character. He is frustrated because his love, Peace Kanwal, sacrificed her love for his sister Shama, which he expresses in this song.

18. ho gay barbert ham Talat Mahmoud from Ramman (1954), music Vinod, lyrics Aziz Kashmiri

Karan Dewan expresses anguish over his failed love and declares him ruined.

The song posted here is the exact opposite of the previous post with the theme of “”.Love’ And now it conveys a sense of despair and resignation.

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