Ameesha Patel says being open about relationships impacted her career

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Amisha Patel is currently busy promoting her new movie Gadal 2: The Kata Continues, where she reunites with Sunny Deol. In her recent interview, Amisha revealed that talking about her relationship in public had a negative impact on her career. As a result, she has refrained from her involvement with men for over a decade, she said.

Amisha Patel Amisha Patel

In an interview with a major news agency, Amisha said, “Honesty is not welcome in this industry, but I’m a very honest person. I keep my heart hidden. I think that’s my biggest flaw.” said. “In my life. And definitely the only two relationships I’ve ever had in public, the only two relationships I’ve ever had, that have taken a toll on my career.” For 12-13 years I was like, “No men, only peace” .I want nothing else in my life. ”

Amisha Patel

The actor further discussed the impact of being single on her professional life, stating that being single has always been attractive to the people she works with and to the audience. There is a perception that being single and dating industry figures and superstars will only benefit one’s career and nothing else. In contrast, female leads who date male leads continue to be able to work together and continue to receive job opportunities. But that was not the case with her. I mean, it had a negative impact, but she learned from it.

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