Secret Invasion Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained: Samuel L. Jackson Enters MCU’s Phase 5

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Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers for Secret Invasion episodes 1-2

After seven bizarre series between sitcoms and cop dramas featuring your favorite Avengers and new superheroes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is back with a new series. Directed by Ali Selim and starring Samuel L. Jackson returning as Nick Fury, ‘Secret Invasion’ is expected to be different. Joining him are Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), Special Agent Sonya Falsworth (MCU debut Olivia Colman), General Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) and the new Skrull Gear (Emilia Smulders). Clark) et al. Like most series from the studio these days, it continues his MCU trend of ground-level storytelling. Over six episodes, this spy thriller will play out the conflict between the shape-shifting Skrulls and the Furies. Basically, we can’t trust anyone.

Secret Invasion takes place several years after Captain Marvel (2019). At the time, Nick Fury and Carol Danvers had promised the Skrulls to find them a home, but the promise was never fulfilled. It turns out that lying to a powerful alien race capable of disguising their mothers has enormous consequences. There’s very little superhero action in the first two episodes, except for an off-duty James Rhodes (Don Cheadle). This is a major departure from the popular comic book series, which revolves around Skrulls using their powers to covertly spy on human forms, and features nearly every major Marvel superhero.

Filmfare had the chance to watch the first two episodes of Secret Invasion ahead of the show’s release. Here’s everything that happened in the premiere and what it leads to in the next episode.

What happens in Episode 1 of Secret Invasion?

Secret Invasion Episode 1 begins in Moscow, Russia. Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) meets with Agent Prescod, who tells him that the Skrulls are responsible for terrorist attacks around the world. He urges Ross to call Nick Fury from the Saber space station to Earth, showing him a Skrull plan to back up his claims. Ross seems unconvinced, but agrees to make the call. When he begins acting suspiciously, Prescod senses that something is wrong and attacks him. After the chase scene, it is revealed that Ross is a Skrull, or Talos. Of course, this brings Nick Fury back to Earth to team up with Maria Hill and Talos to deal with the Skrull rebellion.

Talos describes to Nick Fury a rebel Skrull who is tired of waiting for Fury to find him a new home. They assume human form and organize terrorist attacks to wipe humans off the planet. And there seem to be more of them than Fury would like to believe. Talos is banished from the Skrull Council and replaced by rebel leader Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adeel). Elsewhere, James Rhodes is seen talking to the President about Fury not being on the space station. The President asks him to deal with Fury, but is understandably upset that he has abandoned his priorities in space.

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Fury is kidnapped on a walk, and when he arrives at his destination, he is surprised to meet his old accomplice, MI6 agent Sonya Falsworth. Meanwhile, Gia, who has been living in a shut down nuclear power plant for years with rebel Skrulls (Skrulls are immune to radiation), is seen joining the Skrulls. Here it becomes clear that they have been living as refugees and kidnapping humans to take not only their faces but their minds. It’s important to note that G’iah is the daughter of her Gravik and her Talos who joined his cause. The latter have a greater stake in stopping the rebellion.

What happens at the end of Secret Invasion Episode 1?

Amidst the chaos, Nick Fury, Maria Hill and General Talos are informed of a terrorist threat by a rebel named Vasily Poprishchin. They need to figure out the situation before Sonya, who is also searching for information on the Skrulls, finds out. And she is not so forgiving. Gravik asks Gia to bring the bomb from Vasily. She gets the bomb before the Furies arrive. Maria fails to stop the gear. Talos then attempts to stop the gears, revealing that her mother, Soren, is dead and telling her to stop working with her Gravik. This doesn’t work and the gear still holds the bomb.

After another confrontation between Talos and Gear, it turns out that there are so many Skrulls that it is difficult to identify who are humans and who are Skrulls in human form. And remember when no one could stop Gear from delivering the bomb? Yes, the bomb exploded. During the attack, Gravik disguises himself as Nick Fury and mercilessly murders Maria Hill.

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So is Maria Hill really dead?

The most shocking part of Secret Invasion Episode 1 is Maria’s death. This character has been on Marvel’s roster for years. It seems like an odd move to bring her out on a show that had the perfect opportunity to further explore her story. While Gravik murders Maria, Fury (understandably) feels responsible. It’s her heartbreaking moment in a show steeped in lingering loss. Maria trusts Fury, and she has helped him consistently since Fury’s first appearance in The Avengers (2012). Hill dies in her arms. Fury not only lost one of his most important allies, but his presence in Russia also complicated things for the United States.

What will happen in Episode 2?

The first episode is slow to unfold, but the next one goes fast. Little to no spoilers, but Fury ends up dealing with the aftermath of a terrorist attack. Not only does he have to contend with his own personal loss, but he also has to take responsibility for Maria’s death. Episode 2 also reveals more about the plans of the Rebel Skrulls. More importantly, Fury is visited by an old friend of his who comes with unexpected information and intentions.

The first episode of Secret Invasion is streaming now.

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