Did Ameesha Patel spoil Gadar 2 for fans? Find out here:

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Is it a disclaimer or an explanation? Amisha Patel took to Instagram to mention the fate of her character Sakina in Gadar 2.

Amisha Patel Gadar 2

2. On Friday, Amisha Patel dropped a still from the recent Gadar 2 teaser, in which Sunny Deol’s Tara Singh is seen grieving in front of her grave.

Amisha posted a photo and also explained the fate of Sakina, who she played, saying, “Hey dear fans of mine!! Too many people are thinking about this shot from GADAR 2 that Sakina is dead. Thinking that, I was worried, and I’ve been worried!” Well, no!! I can’t tell you who it is, but it’s not Sakina! So don’t worry!! I love you all.

After the teaser for Gadar 2 was released, fans speculated that the tomb shown in the teaser belonged to Sakina or that Tara Singh’s wife may have been killed in a cross-border conflict. I started. Recently, the film’s creators also released a nostalgic rehash of the popular song “Wood Jar Kale Kaava,” in which Tara Singh and Sakina romance.

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