Sara Ali Khan talks about getting married to a cricketer amid dating rumours with Shubman Gill

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Sarah Ali Khan Currently busy promoting the romantic comedy Zara Hakke Zara Bakke recently spoke about a possible marriage to a cricketer. She did so after rumors circulated that she was dating Indian cricketer Shubman Gill.

Neither the actor nor the cricketer responded to speculation, but in an interview Sara was asked if she was open to following in her grandmother Sharmila Tagore’s footsteps and marrying a cricketer. Sarah admitted that her profession was irrelevant to her.

Sarah Ali Khan Shubman Gill

“I don’t think it matters what you do to find someone, an actor, a cricketer, a businessman, a doctor. Maybe not a doctor. They will run away. But really. By the way, kidding aside, I mean you need to match me on a mental and intellectual level, and if you can do that, that would be great, but it’s more important to me (than my profession). I think it’s a lot more important,” she said.

When asked if he was dating anyone from the Indian cricket team, he said: “Honestly, I think so and I can say with certainty that this is the person I will be in my life.” rice field. I haven’t met him yet, but I really don’t think so.”

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