Javed Akhtar Recalls The Controversial Night With Kangana Ranaut At His House Over Hrithik Roshan Tiff! Tells Court, “Didn’t Call Her To Discuss The Weather, Political Situation Or…”

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Javed Akhtar tells court how Kangana Ranaut went to his house during feud with Hrithik Roshan
Javed Akhtar recounts in court what happened with Kangana Ranaut at his home during his feud with Hrithik Roshan (Photo credit: Instagram and Wikimedia)

Kangana Ranaut and Javed Akhtar are two of the most famous names in the Indian film industry and both are outspoken about their views and opinions. The veteran lyricist said when Kangana visited his home in 2016 during an ongoing feud with Hrithik Roshan after Kangana filed a defamation lawsuit against Hrithik Roshan on charges three years ago. confided in court about Keep scrolling to find out more.

For those unfamiliar, there was news around 2014 about an alleged affair between Kangana and Hrithik, but things didn’t end well, at least from the actress’s perspective, and she didn’t get a chance to criticize the actor afterwards. never left. Around 2016, Hrithik filed a lawsuit against her, demanding a public apology for misrepresenting her affair allegations. Then in 2020, Kangana said that her senior lyricist had threatened her and asked her to apologize to Hrithik as he and his father, Rakesh Roshan, are her influential figures. claimed.

Javed Akhtar told the Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on the outskirts of Mumbai on Tuesday what happened the night Kangana Ranaut visited his home, India Today reported. He revealed that it wasn’t him who wanted to talk to the Queen’s actress, but a mutual friend named Dr. Ramesh Agarwal. Javed revealed that he didn’t know much about Kangana at the time, saying, “It’s true that I didn’t know Kangana and it had nothing to do with the ongoing dispute with Hrithik. But Ms. Kangana was close to her. Called by Dr. Agarwal. He could call her and insist on meeting.”

Javed Akhtar added: “It is true that Kangana was not ready to listen to me and she left home with her sister Rangoli. It is not true that he was offended by what I said even though he was here.” Mr Javed’s secretary will also appear as a witness and will testify in two weeks, according to reports.

In a separate interview with PTI, Javed Akhtar claimed that Kangana Ranaut knew what the meeting was about, referring to it and saying, “You expect submission from Mr. Kangana. I won’t be called, but I’m hoping for the possibility of something…some kind of possibility.” solution. In physical reality they came to my house, but obedience is a mental concept. He added, “I spoke to her about the subject of her conference call. I didn’t call her to talk about her weather or the political climate or the 2016 US election.”

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