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Shah Rukh Khan was in Dubai on Tuesday for an event. He attended a promotional event for his friend’s real estate brand. Afterwards, the actor met with several guests, including his fans. But it was one die-hard fan who got all the attention. (Please also read: Shah Rukh Khan reveals he’s quitting smoking)

A fan of Shah Rukh Khan kissed him on the cheek and then smiled happily at having done it.

What is included in the video?

A video shared on Reddit shows Shahrukh entering the backstage area with his manager Pooja Dadrani and bodyguards. The man shook Shah Rukh’s hand, kissed his hand and gave him a hug. A woman in a black dress then approaches him and asks, “Can I kiss you?” Before Shah Rukh could answer, she gave him a big kiss on the cheek. Shah Rukh is seen closing his eyes and smiling at her gesture. The woman then walks away and she is seen laughing as she is pleased with what she has just done.

reddit reaction

Women’s Day was indeed enacted, but many on Reddit felt it was totally inappropriate. One wrote “Jail me daalo ladki ko” (put the girl in jail). “That gossipy Aunt Waari smile after the kiss. So disgusting,” wrote another. “Watch a short, middle-aged man do exactly what Madhuri, Sridevi and Kareena do and run away,” one source commented. “So that’s not cool! What if the roles were reversed? Honestly, it shouldn’t be considered… whatever happens to personal space and consent,” said another.

Shahrukh’s love for fans

Shah Rukh is one of India’s biggest stars and has had his share of good and bad experiences with his fans himself. Recently, he had a video call with a terminally ill fan. Shah Rukh surprised his fans with a video call that lasted over 40 minutes, according to India Today. He soon promised to meet her and even help financially through her treatment process. Fan’s daughter said Shah Rukh wished her mother a speedy recovery and said she would visit her home in Kolkata and eat home-cooked fish curry, but no bones on her condition. It is said that “SRK wishes my mother a speedy recovery. He read ‘Dua’ for her. She promised her mother that she would make fish curry for her.”

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