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Actor Kangana Ranaut shared his thoughts on Kerala story for the first time at the event. The director of Sudipto Sen was released on Friday and the cast includes Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Siddhi Idnani and Sonia Balani. Speaking about it, Kangana said that anyone who feels attacked by the film is a “terrorist.” Also Read: Kangana Ranaut looks pretty in a pink saree, Anupam Kher called her ‘awesome’

Khangana Ranaut on the Kerala Story Controversy.
Khangana Ranaut on the Kerala Story Controversy.

The trailer for The Kerala Story came under fire for claiming that 32,000 girls in the state went missing and later joined the terrorist group ISIS. This sparked a massive political controversy to which various leaders reacted.

Now at ABP’s Majha Maha Katta event, Kangana Ranaut was asked about her thoughts on the ongoing controversy. In Hindi she said, “I have not seen the film but many attempts have been made to ban the film. I read it today. Please correct me if I am wrong.” The High Court said the film could not be banned.You think it doesn’t show anyone in a bad light, it just shows ISIS, right? If a HC is saying this, they are right.ISIS is a terrorist organization.I don’t call it a terrorist, that’s what my country, the Ministry of the Interior (Ministry of Interior) and other countries call it.”

Agar aap aisa samjhte hai ki woh terrorist organization nahi hai toh zaheer si baat hai phir aap bhi terrorist hi hai. aur aapko lagta hai woh terrorist nahi hai toh where you stand in life legally, morally (despite ISIS being declared , if you think it’s not a terrorist organization, you are a terrorist too),” added Kangana. If you think it is attacking you, you are a terrorist. Maine kuch nahi kaha bhai, ye simple maths hai (I’m not saying this).

Kangana is urgent and will be seen next.

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