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No matter which side you’re on, the hustle and bustle around The Kerala Story doesn’t subside, even though the film’s release is fast approaching. 100 million box office. Analysts in the film industry believe that the Sudipto Sen film Domestic box office revenue is 200 million to 250 million. Actor Vijay Krishna, who plays an ISIS terrorist in The Kerala Story, spoke to The Hindustan Times about why the film is important and the reaction it has received. He also admitted to receiving messages from people close to him who witnessed such incidents. (Also read | Kerala Story Box Office Week 1 Collection: Film Cross 81 billion, potential to earn in total in lifetime 200 million)

Vijay Krishna plays an ISIS terrorist in The Kerala Story.
Vijay Krishna plays an ISIS terrorist in The Kerala Story.

The film claims to be based on the true story of women in Kerala who were converted to Islam and forced to join ISIS. Produced by Vipur Shah, it also stars Adha Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Siddhi Idnani and Sonia Bharani. Excerpt from the interview:

movie is coming 10 billion. Do you think this controversy has done more good than done harm?

The response has been incredibly positive and it feels great. Yes, looking at the collection, people are discussing the film and having different conversations around the topics it talks about, so I can only assume that it helps the film in some way. . I think we have definitely achieved something, probably in a positive way. They somehow connected with this movie.

Tell us about your role in Kerala Tales.

I play the villain Irshak in “Kerala Tales”. Like many people his age, he is very lost. Although he was originally a Christian, he converted to Islam, but when he joined ISIS he discovered a very deep-seated sense of purpose. He feels that everything is going his way, even if it means abandoning moral standards.

Are you sure the movie’s subject matter is true?

Of course, in fact, many people in Kerala are sending us messages that this is real, that this has happened to us or people we know. . I definitely believe so. Even if this has happened to one or two people, I think this story is worth telling.

What about the number that was mentioned in the trailer and took the storm by storm?

Such details, facts and figures are definitely in the director. It would be wise to consult someone who has done research on the same subject. They have answers to all questions. My knowledge as an actor is limited. For me, this character was very interesting and gave me some challenges as an actor.

What kind of training did you go through to put yourself in the character of an ISIS fighter?

I read a lot of articles. I had seen movies like Caliph and even talked a little bit about ISIS involvement on the show Family Man. There are many similar documentaries out there to give us a basic understanding of the world we live in, who they are and what they do.

Did you have any thoughts when considering or working on the script how controversial this could be?

Absolutely not. At a script level, I was looking at a human story, the trauma that women are going through and everything that surrounds them, their journey from the incredibly manipulative and then traumatic. , and speaks of some kind of change and hope. story for me. No one expected this to become a hot topic in the country. We just put our hearts and souls into the stories presented. I had no expectations that something would be this big.

Are you stressed watching the protests against this movie? Worried about your safety?

Given all the accolades, comments, and reviews I’m personally getting on social media, what I found most interesting was what a lot of people were saying. An example was the quote, “We hated you so much in the movie, but looking at your profile, you are like a devta manas (angel).” That was really interesting. They unanimously praised me for playing a character they hated so well. Thankfully, especially today, thanks to social media, the difference between the real world and the reel world is understood. In the past, people expected actors to be exactly what they saw on screen in real life.

Do you have a message for those calling for this film to be banned and questioning its credibility?

No matter what anyone says, this is a heartbreaking tale of young women caught on the scene of ISIS. They go through unimaginable trauma, but to me that’s the story. If you haven’t seen the movie and you’re criticizing it for being so controversial, go see it and then decide if it’s a good movie or a bad movie. I hope you It is important for us to look at movies objectively.

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