Meet Dolly Jain, The Saree Draping Maestro Who Charges ₹1.10 Lakh To Drape A Single Saree

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Have you ever seen that wearing a sari drape can make you a millionaire?

Believe it or not, that’s what actually happened to Dolly Jayne, a housewife turned professional sari seamstress. She has now become a well-known figure in the fashion and saree industry. She has earned the title of ‘Sully Draping Maestro’ for her outstanding skills and innovative techniques.

Dolly has amassed a storied clientele thanks to her talent for turning ordinary sarees into stunning works of art. Her clients include those willing to pay her large sums of money. Remarkably, the cost of draping a single saree reaches a staggering 100 million rupees. 1.1 million.

Dolly Jane
Dolly Jane/Instagram

How did Dolly Jane begin her sally draping journey?

Dolly Jayne has carved out a unique path in the fashion industry as a professional sari seamstress. Her extraordinary adventure began in Bangalore when she married into the family of the love of her life, Naveen Jain. His family was a careful observer of traditional dress, especially sarees.

Dolly was hesitant at first and longed for the freedom to wear a kurta, but eventually her perspective evolved. She revealed this when she appeared on Indian Idol 13’s “Housewife Special” episode. When discussing her own journey with her host Aditya Narayan, she said:

“I got married into a family where I had to wear a sari. I used to wonder every day when my mother-in-law would allow me to wear a kurta instead of a sari.But she disagreed.By the time she agreed, I was hooked on the sari. .”

Dolly Jayne's mother-in-law

She began exploring different draping methods, experimenting with new techniques and bringing her own originality to the process. Eventually, she got even more used to draping her saree consistently.

Dolly Jaina Celebrity Saree Draper
Dolly Jane/Instagram

Build a Career in Saree Drape

As a result of her journey of self-discovery, she has a newfound love and respect for Sally. This finally gave her the impetus to perfect her draping technique for sarees. In the same chat, Dolly also spoke about her challenges in choosing to make a career out of draping sarees. she said,

“Society gave me a very tough time. At first they told me that I was wasting my time, that I was crazy, that I could not make money wearing a saree. I’m here today to prove everyone wrong.”

Dolly Jain and Deepika Padukone

She discovered a deep appreciation for six yards of fabric and eventually became a master at draping sarees. However, her family and friends laughed at her because in her early years, no one thought draping would become a job. However, her father reportedly supported her every step of her life.

Ultimately, she becomes what she is today. Her skills are in great demand today. She charges hundreds of thousands of rupees to do her single draping of the saree, which she completes in only 10 minutes.

Dolly Jane looks

Dolly Jayne has worked with various celebs

Dolly Jayne’s commitment to mastering the art of draping sarees led her to success in the industry. She has developed her abilities through her rigorous practice and her unwavering dedication to excellence. This finally elevates the drape of the saree to the level of her art. Her years of expertise have enabled her to speed up her draping procedure and reduce her time from her 45 minutes to just her 10 minutes while maintaining top results.

Her clients include celebrities, socialites, the wealthy and even the Ambani tribe.

The draping maestro charges a premium to add exclusivity and a unique touch to each saree draping session.

Jainism has worked with many notables such as Gigi Hadid, Isha Ambani, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Natasha Poonawala, Alia Bhatt. I’m here. She is probably the preferred saree drape seller of all celebrities.

Isha Ambani's sari in a Dolly Jane drape
Dolly Jane/Instagram

The draperist was in charge of dressing the saree for Alia Bhatt’s wedding. She visited the Met Gala to wear a dress by Natasha Poonawala. Not only this, Jains draped Gigi Hadid’s yellow and white outfit and wore it during her crossing to India for the opening ceremony of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre. She was hired by Nataa Stankovy, Maanvi Gagloo and Kiara Advani at her recent wedding.

dolly jane saree drape
Dolly Jane/Instagram

She can drape a saree in 325 ways

What sets Dolly Jayne apart is her unique approach to sally draping. She can drape her saree in 325 different ways and her job is perfect. Combining her traditional techniques with her own creative ideas, she creates captivating costumes that accurately capture the personality and scene of her wearer. The particular beauty of Dolly’s work is enhanced by her meticulous attention to detail, masterful use of accessories, and exquisite decoration.

Dolly Jane’s influence extends beyond Sally’s drape

Dolly Jane’s influence extends beyond one-on-one draping sessions to the larger fashion business.

Through lectures, masterclasses and demonstrations, she imparts her knowledge and inspires up-and-coming sarees and fashion fans around the world. Her instructions for Dolly not only endorse traditional sari drape techniques, but also encourage originality, self-expression and creativity in the use of this prized garment.

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