Meet Soudi, The Woman Who Spends Rs 70 Lakh In Shopping In A Day

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The Dubai native has taken the internet by storm with her extravagant lifestyle and amazing hobby of spending her husband’s money on shopping. The internet sensation is Soudi, who lives in Dubai with her husband.

Saudi loves spending her husband’s money

Saudi is a wealthy housewife who is not shy about her extravagant lifestyle and enjoys spending her husband’s money most of all. She was born in Sussex but later moved to Dubai when she was just 6 years old. She met her husband Jamal, who is from Saudi Arabia, at a university in Dubai.


After dating for a while, the couple got married. They have been married for two years and plan to start a family soon.

Recently, in an interview with Cover Real Life, the Saudi revealed some shocking details about his lifestyle. She revealed that she spends nearly 7 million rupees a day on her shopping. Yes, you are right.

“Normally, you can spend between £3,600 and £72,000 on shopping depending on how Jamal (husband) feels,” Saudi Arabia said.

The Saudi also revealed that her favorite brand is Dior, while her husband’s favorite brand is Hermès. Jamal loves to pamper his wife Soudhi. He recently gave her a barking bag and two cars. The couple own matching cars.

Saudi influencer

She recently took a trip to the Maldives where she made purchases worth around 1,000 rupees. 1.278 million.

“We both love the Maldives and go to London every few months. We just got back from the Seychelles. We would like to visit Japan on our next trip.”

Aside from shopping and traveling, Soudhi loves manicures, which cost around 1 million rupees per session. 63,000. She also revealed her details about a date night that you can only dream about.

“I love surprises, so when Jamal booked a restaurant for us for £1,080 (about 96,000 rupees) and gave us a gift to wear that night, it was a real treat.”

Manicures are her favorite thing, but she also does basic fillers and Botox, which makes her happy. she said:

“If it makes you happy, you should.”

Influencers in Dubai - Soudi

Soudi is very active on social media, Tiktok and Instagram, and has a large following. She keeps her followers updated by sharing photos and videos of her luxury vacations at ultra-luxury resorts and islands.

Check out some great pics of her

Luxuriously luxurious.

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