Priyanka Chopra Jonas talks about working on a film she hated and much more

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas answered the question if he ever appeared in a movie he hated. During the lie detector test, Priyanka was asked a number of questions, including whether she snores, has ever farted in public, and whether she prefers parathas or hamburgers.

priyanka chopra jonas

When asked if she’s ever been in a movie that she didn’t like, Priyanka said, “I can’t say what it was, but I can say it was a pretty bad experience. I used to just wait for hours. My lines,” he replied. It didn’t make sense. I was always a maiden, but I wasn’t. So it was difficult. ”

When asked to choose between the Jonas Brothers and Harry Styles, she replied, “Band and one? Jonas Brothers, kidding?” “I just ate three parathas this morning,” Priyanka said when asked if she would choose a paratha or a hamburger.

priyanka chopra jonas

Priyanka recently starred in the spy series Citadel, starring Richard Madden. Mason Kane and Nadia Singh, two elite agents of the international intelligence agency Citadel, are the focus of this action-packed drama produced by the Russo brothers.

Professionally, Priyanka is currently eyeing a head of state bid alongside John Cena and Idris Elba. She also plays Farhan Akhtar’s Jee Re Zahrah alongside Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif.

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