Suresh Sangaiah’s ‘Sathiya Sothanai’ has a few mild laughs, but the satire never stings

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The film feels like an early draft of Thondimutthalum Driksakshiyum, a great Dileesh Phosan movie that combines crime, humor and satire.

satya sodanai

Ol Kidain Karnai Manu is one of the great recent debut features. Suresh Sangaiah’s second feature, Satya Sotanai, stitched from the same fabric. Again there is a rural atmosphere (alupkottai) and quirky characters and situations, but this time the magic is lacking. The story begins with a man being murdered for jewelry. He has a lot of gold chains so he can open a shop. A short time later, the main character, a not-so-clever man named Pradeep (Premji Amaren), encounters a corpse, setting off a chain of events involving Pradeep’s family, his fiancée, a gang of corrupt and incompetent police officers, an enraged judge, a stolen walkie-talkie and most importantly, a cheerful old lady dressed in white. The crux is where are the jewels that the dead man wore?

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