Rs 35 crore set has reportedly been constructed for Tiger 3

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Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s special moment on Tiger 3 is sure to be a great one. According to sources, a large set costing Rs 3.5 crore was built for filming.

tiger 3

“When you have SRK and Salman in one movie, you have to justify their superstar status to create an experience like no other. Tiger 3 attempts to do the same: the two iconic actors are set to do a massive adrenaline-pumping action sequence in Tiger 3, and Aditya Chopra is doing everything in her power to mount this sequence. He is spending Rs 3.5 crore to build a set that can present this sequence in the most glorious way possible,” said the source.

According to an earlier statement from an insider, the two are scheduled to begin filming Tiger 3 on May 8.

tiger 3

“The fact that seven days were spent filming this sequence means that extensive planning was put into making this a visual delight for the audience. is very high and manufacturers are very aware of this,” the source added.

Maneesh Sharma is directing Tiger 3, the third installment in the Tiger film series. During this Diwali festival, films will be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The movie’s villain is played by Emran Hashmi. Katrina also stars in the film. Her Pathaan, who recently starred in SRK and also from Salman, has also broken numerous film office records.

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