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Veteran actor Saira Banu recently made her Instagram debut and has been sharing beautiful nostalgic photos ever since. Since her debut, she has shared photos and anecdotes about herself and her late husband, actor Dilip Kumar. (Also read | Saira Bhanu reminisces about her 22-inch waistline in her youth)

Saira Bhanu posted an old photo with Dilip Kumar.

Cyra posts a photo with Dilip

On Monday, Saira posted an old photo of herself and Dilip Kumar. In the photo, Dilip adjusts her tie with one hand while wrapping her other arm around Cyra. She rests her head on his shoulder and keeps her arm against her chest. Both are smiling and posing for the camera. In the photo, Cyra is wearing a pink suit and ear studs. Dilip wore a white shirt, a striped tie, and a gray jacket and pants.

Saira remembers Dilip

Sharing the photo, she captioned, “Be ready…be ready to leave…!! Our lives have been full of action…Sahib is a philanthropist and a lover. , he was always for all mankind, so we were always on the go.” went out. He kept me on the lookout and I’d be ready in no time…I had to keep running to keep up with his pace…if I was late, the car horn downstairs would go off. I heard him yelling to take me away! I will share his shopping forays with me in the future…”

Fans react to Cyra’s post

A fan commented on the post, “My favorite couple of all time.” “Keep sharing information about the legendary Dilip Sahab,” one commented. “Ma’am, thank you so much for sharing about Dilip Sahab. Please keep sharing more!!” said one person. “Mom we love your story. To me you are a couple goal. God bless you,” one Instagram user commented.

Cyra’s Instagram debut post

Cyra made her Instagram debut on the second anniversary of Dilip’s death. Part of her note reads, “I would like to express my special thanks to the overwhelming number of caring and well-meaning people and dear friends around the world who have been so supportive of me to this day. To that end, I am writing this memo on July 7th.” “In my eternal memory, love and respect to my Kohinoor Dilip Kumar Sahib. Today is the morning of ‘7th of July’ when time stood still and my loved one fell into a deep sleep. It’s ‘7 o’clock’ day.” Dilip passed away in 2021 after a long battle with illness.

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