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Tamanna Bhatia recently addressed rumors of her relationship with actor Vijay Varma. She admitted that everything between them started on the set of The Last Story 2 and that it happened naturally. In the same interview, Tamanna also revealed how she admired him as an actor, calling him “awesome”. (Also read: Tamanna Bhatia admits her relationship with Vijay Varma started on the set of The Last Stories 2: ‘He’s my happy place’)

Talking about Vijay Varma, Tamanna Bhatia said he deserves all the praise for his incredible journey as an actor.

Romance of Tamanna and Vijay

Rumors have been circulating about Tamanna and Vijay since they were spotted kissing at a New Year’s Eve party. Since then, the pair have been spotted together in public by paparazzi on several occasions. Tamanna broke her silence on the rumors and admitted to the relationship in her recent interview.

Tamanna talks about Vijay

Tamanna told Film Companion: “We’ve gotten along better together as actors and as people when someone just let it go instead of trying to tweak what wasn’t right for them. If I do this, he’ll make me shine and let me do what I want, and he’ll be like, “Okay, I’ll take a tip or two.” I do the same to him. If there are two fully evolved people, I don’t think it’s necessary to direct them. We live our lives with each other and we don’t have to tell each other what to do. I feel so much respect that I cannot express in words. ”

Tamanna praises Vijay’s performance

The Baahubali actor then spoke about how much he appreciates Vijay’s talent as an actor, saying, “We’re just people. I’m really a simple person and I’m attracted to people who are very simple. He is great at what he does,” he continued. “He’s someone I really look up to as an actor, and for me his journey as an actor literally really deserves to be talked about and celebrated. His journey is unbelievable. He is finally getting the accolade he deserves.”

Vijay’s last appearance was in Prime Video’s Dahaad series, which received unanimously positive reviews from critics. He will next star in Netflix’s anthology film Lust Stories 2 alongside Tamanna Bhatia.

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