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Today is the 11th day since the Writers Guild of America went on strike for higher wages and a stable pay structure. A few more requests include fairer trading and protection from artificial intelligence. The strike, which is also backed by big name filmmakers such as Christopher Nolan, has resulted in production of several projects coming to a halt.

Writers in India say their salaries are low and their contracts are one-sided.
Writers in India say their salaries are low and their contracts are one-sided.

But its impact is being felt in this part of the world as well. Writers have been talking about the exact same set of problems for a long time. The only difference is that they get the floor for the first time and negotiations begin with the producers to resolve the issue.

Anjum Rajabari, who has written films such as Gram and co-wrote the script for Rajneethi, said: “Their strike has nothing to do with the situation in India, but it is a reflection of the unfair treatment the writers are being subjected to. It was the trigger that attracted the attention of the world.” . Again, screenwriters face serious professional problems. Screenwriting fees in India are far from the value a script brings to a film. New and young writers suffer from feeling exploited. Contracts offered by producers, studios and platforms are highly one-sided, with the company claiming all rights and protections, leaving writers vulnerable. And the most important right is that your work is appreciated. However, the contract claims credit is given at the producer’s discretion. ”

Apurva Asrani, author of the critically acclaimed movie Aligal and web show Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors, feels writers need the support of successful actors and directors for a successful strike. . “America has Christopher Nolan and Game of Thrones creator George R.R. By standing in line, they offer their writers passionate support.In India, where actors and directors are paid disproportionately to screenwriters, no one really wants to change the status quo.”45 The old man says

Zeishan Quadri, who wrote the film Gangs of Waseipur, says there is a lack of unity among writers here in India. “We should all be called to meetings, but there is no organized way here. .

Helicopter Eela and Tummbad co-writer Mitesh Shah said: But after the US airstrikes, I didn’t get as many calls as I do now. Apart from a few industry insiders, there was little help. I know several authors who sell their scripts for the lowest price. 50,000-100,000 if the minimum wage must be at least 1.2 million. Writers don’t write many stories in a lifetime. You don’t want to die poor. A piece of paper is where it all begins. ”

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