21 Punjabi Mehndi Design For The Beautiful Look

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best punjabi mehndi designs

Mehndi designs are an integral part of Indian culture. People wear mehndi on various occasions such as weddings, Diwali, and dance competitions. Mehndi designs add color and beauty to the bride. It is rare to see a bride or bridesmaid going to a mandap without having an attractive mehndi design on her palm. Large and beautiful mehndi designs are certainly something to show off as they are most often done by professionals. Given that there are so many beautiful designs out there, it’s hard to choose, so we’ve specially handpicked a list of Punjabi mehndi designs.

Here are some beautiful Punjabi mehndi designs:

1. Full Hand Punjabi Mehndi Designs

If you are looking for full hand punjabi mehndi designs, this might be of interest to you. This mehndi design is intricately detailed with her two faces of a Punjabi bride and groom. There are also bird and flower designs.

full hand punjabi mehndi design

2. Simple Punjabi Mehndi Designs

Due to certain circumstances or personal whims, people may not want heavy mehndi designs. This Punjabi simple mehndi design is perfect for just that purpose. The fingers are bordered with a fairly small design, and the back has an angular band of flowers and lines.

simple punjabi mehndi design

3. Backhand Punjabi Mehndi Designs

If you are looking for backhanded punjabi bridal mehndi designs, this might be right for you. This mehndi design is very delicately detailed with lotuses, flowers and beautiful shapes. Not only is it cute, but it gives a richer mehndi look.

front hand punjabi mehndi design

4. Detailed Design of Punjabi Mehndi

This beautifully crafted Punjabi Mehndi design is featured on both the front and back sides of the palm. Featuring leaves around the finger, this design continues to expand into beautiful patterns, flowers and finally a lotus flower.

Detailed punjabi mehndi design

5. Cross Mehndi Designs

In this Punjabi mehndi design photo, you can clearly see that the design is done using angular crosshairs consisting of leaves joined with flowers at their intersections.

Punjabi mehendi design of the cross

6. Bridal Punjabi Mehndi Designs

Punjabi bridal mehndi designs look gorgeous on hand, complementing heavy jewelry and wedding attire almost perfectly. As you can see from the image, it has flowers, leaves, and symmetrical designs.

bridal punjabi mehendi design

7. Modern Mehndi Designs

This Punjabi mehndi design is divided by wide bands of beautifully crafted henna and lotus designs. The palm is covered with an intricate design adorned with flowers, making the look complete and beautiful.

modern punjabi mehendi design

8. Punjabi mehndi designs for legs

If you are looking for mehndi designs for legs, you will come across many beautiful designs. From this Punjabi mehndi design photo you can see how the fort is cleverly designed on the top of the leg and the peacock curled around the ankle.

punjabi mehendi designs for legs

9. Trendy Punjabi Mehndi Designs

If you’re looking for a trendy Punjabi mehndi design with an elephant, this might interest you. This Punjabi bridal mehndi design is filled with fine details to give you a complete look that shows off your front hand.

trendy punjabi mehendi design

10. Small Punjabi Mehndi Designs

From this punjabi mehndi design photo you can clearly see how beautifully it is done. If you are looking for small, punjabi mehndi designs with intricate details, this is the one for you.

small punjabi mehendi design

11. Finger Punjabi Mehndi Designs

If you are looking for a simple Punjabi mehndi design concentrated near the finger, then this henna design is definitely for you. The band is finished with henna on the wrist, followed by a pretty designed flower in the center and crosses on the fingers.

finger punjabi mehendi design

12. Simple Mehndi Designs

Easy mehndi designs take less time and are very economical. It’s perfect for scenes where you’re looking for a delicate accessory design and don’t want to overstate it.

easy punjabi mehendi designs

13. Front Hand Punjabi Mehndi Designs

The detailed Punjabi mehndi designs are perfect to show off at weddings and sangeet. Nothing enhances your look more than a detailed mehndi design that complements your outfit.

front hand punjabi mehendi design

14. Floral henna design

This is one of the most popular mehndi design ideas and it looks so beautiful on the palm of your hand. There are many types of floral mehndi designs, but mainly lotus and rose mehndi designs are prevalent.

Floral punjabi mehndi design

15. Latest Mehndi Designs

If you are looking for the latest mehndi designs for a special occasion or any occasion where you need to dress nicely, this mehndi design is perfect for you. The details are carefully made, and the leaves and flowers look beautiful when folded.

latest punjabi mehndi designs

16. Full Front Hand Mehndi Designs

Full front hand mehndi designs are the most requested henna designs during weddings and other events. This Punjabi mehndi design photo clearly shows how professionally the work was done with great attention to detail.

Full front hand mehndi design

17. Mehndi designs for brides

For weddings, having a mehndi design professionally done is a must to make sure you look flawless on your big day. It is a design that overlaps a semicircle design and a flower.

mehndi designs for brides

18. Sangeet Punjabi Mehendi Design

Please see the outstanding artistry of the detailed human figure using henna. If you’re looking for similar mehndi designs, we’ve got you covered.

sangeet mehndi design

19. Trending Punjabi Mehndi Designs

Want a trending mehndi design on your leg? This Punjabi mehndi design photo is a perfect example of what an extraordinary henna design can look like on the leg. Focusing on the details near the toe area, the detailing has been cleverly reworked.

trending punjabi mehndi designs for legs

20. New mehndi designs

From the highly detailed fingers, the intricate design of the semi-circle on the palm, to the detailed stretch of henna, this Punjabi mehndi design is a rarity.

new mehndi designs

21. Punjabi Mehndi Designs

Finally, this Punjabi mehndi design will beautifully accentuate your hands with a different design for each finger and an exemplary overall design.

unique punjabi mehndi designs

I hope you find this list helpful.

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