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Actor Aanchal Munjal, who started his career as a child artist with this movie we are familyclaims that the move has deepened its understanding of the industry.

Aanchal Munjal (HT Photos)
Aanchal Munjal (HT Photos)

“Of course, starting young has had the advantage of giving me a better understanding of how this industry works. From my childhood and my teenage years, I’ve become part of an industry that many recognize. gayal – again and Parvalish – Kuchh Khattee…actors who recently visited Lucknow.

Munjal had been in both film and television after his last show, but the latter decided to take a break. she says: “Television is a big no for me. After Ek Bund Ishuk, it is known that I shifted away from this medium and started my career with movies, so I decided to look around. So it was more on my mind to focus on that and try OTT as well. I had some health issues while on vacation and needed some time to reflect on myself. Wow, Teen Sar Pata Hai Nahin Chale. It was a well deserved break. And when I came back, I was lucky enough to land some good projects, including a horror-comedy web series. A cute boy It has been streaming since last month and will likely air in another season. ”

The actor feels it’s for her to make the most of the time that’s on her side. “For now, it only works for me. Architchei, starting soon in Lucknow. And a few more scripts await my nod. Ever since I started working on Karan Johar’s films as a child, I had it in my mind to work on this project again. So we want to go back to the origins with other projects,” says Munjal.

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