Ajitpal Singh’s ‘Fire In the Mountains’, on SonyLIV, peels back the beauty of the mountains to gaze at stark realities

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Spoilers continue…

This assured film is a record of contrasts between men and women, blind beliefs and practicality, progress and the status quo.

mountain fire

Forest fire Running for just over 80 minutes, it is Agitpar Singh’s debut film. The film, which premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, centers on a family living in a remote Himalayan village. On the radio there is a constant stream of news about how this government has done great things that previous governments could not. But the reality seems a little different, at least in this grim situation. The main source of the economy seems to be offering homestays to cost-conscious middle-class vacationers, but homestays near highways seem to be doing better. What about places deep in villages with no easily accessible roads? That is her one of the many problems faced by Chandra, a steely woman played by Vinamrata Rai in an act of pure steel. Just look at her and you’ll know she won’t bend or break. Halfway through the movie, you’ll find out why.she can’t afford to bend or break. She is the family’s sole breadwinner.

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