Suraj Varma’s ‘Kolla’ (Rajisha Vijayan, Vinay Forrt, Priya Varrier) has an interesting premise, but is content to remain vaguely watchable

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Spoilers continue…

This is an elegantly directed film, full of interesting questions and satisfying answers. There is also a gentle handwriting…


Two women come to a small town to open a beauty salon. But this is the story of Bobby and Sanjay, so you know there’s more to them than meets the eye. Rajsha Vijayan and Priya Barrier play Annie and Shilpa. Let’s see how it is introduced. The camera is in a vacant store (where you want to set up a beauty salon). And when the shutter slowly lifts and the light comes in, you can see her two women on the other side. Start with your feet, then slowly work your way up until you see your face. Here she makes two interesting points. For one, it’s a kind of “revealing” that’s specific to mass heroes, and it’s fun to see this technique applied to female actors. And her second, this slow introduction of her two characters visually hints at the fact that we get to know them very slowly. For Annie and Shilpa, what we see is not what we get.

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