Ameesha Patel posts massive Gadar 2 spoiler on Insta, fans say she’s ruined it | Bollywood

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Amisha Patel has released an explanation on Instagram about the fate of her character Sakina in Gadar 2. Or is it a disclaimer? Well, fans can’t help but think it’s a major spoiler. (Also read: Wood Jar Kale Kaava: Sunny Deol can’t get enough of Amisha’s purple eyes)

Amisha Patel may have made major spoilers for Gadar 2 (AFP)

What did Amisha post on Instagram?

Amisha posted a still from the recently released teaser for Gadar 2, the sequel to her 2001 blockbuster co-star. Sunny Doll. In stills, Sunny’s iconic character, Tara Singh, is seen grieving and praying in front of a grave.

Amisha posted an explanation on Twitter about the still image, which has become a hot topic among fans of the series. she wrote: “Hey dear fans of mine!! Too many people are worried about this shot of GADAR 2 thinking it was SAKINA who died!!! I can’t tell you what it is, but it’s not Sakina! So don’t worry!! I love you all.”

Why do fans think this is Sakina’s grave?

Ever since the teaser for Gadar 2 was released, fans have started to speculate that this is Sakina’s grave, or that Tara Singh’s wife was probably murdered in a cross-border altercation. When the video for Wood Jar Kale Kaava, a rehash of Gadal’s iconic song, was released Wednesday, fans couldn’t help but notice Amisha’s purple eyes romancing with Tara. I didn’t. Since Sakina didn’t originally have purple eyes, they began to speculate that Sakina might have died.

Fan reactions to Amisha’s spoilers

Fans didn’t take Amisha’s “clarification” very well, accusing her of leaking major spoilers about the film more than a month before its release on August 11. One person wrote, “Fake to pre movie high reveal kal dugi mam (this is how you expose the whole movie)” while another wrote in the comments section, “Why pre-release? Spoil the movie to .People will leave,” he added. She anticipates that something is wrong with Sakina, and she may have spoiled the audience, or maybe she’s just bluffing. ”

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