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2023 has started off with a bang. The pattern, Shah Rukh Khan’s big comeback, lived up to the hype. However, in the experts’ opinion, it was a mixed post. Atul Mohan says: “In the case of Pattern, it was an emotional blow. People just wanted to go see it, regardless of the content, to show their support for Khan, who was going through a tough time personally.”

Stills of Pattern, Tu Jyoti Main Makkar, Zara Hakke Zara Bakke.
Stills of Pattern, Tu Jyoti Main Makkar, Zara Hakke Zara Bakke.

A few movies worked, but larger lists didn’t. Interesting to note are Ranbir Kapoor-Shraddha Kapoor’s Tu Jyoti Main Makkar, Zara Hakke’s Zara Bakke, and now Satyaprem Ki Kata (which has never been shown in theaters). ), but they are all family films/or romantic comedies. Space, worked. This marks the return of mid-segment films to support major films like Pasan. “This was very necessary because these mid-segment films would sustain their box office returns and keep people coming to cinemas until the big ones come out,” said exhibitor Akshaye Rathi. To tell.

Taran Adarsh ​​said, “It’s tragic when a big movie fails. Kishi Ka Bai Kishi Ki Jaan was below average and Shezada was the worst. Biggest disappointment of 2023 was Adiprush .”

The Prabhas-led epic was produced on a budget of nearly $1000. $500 million, controversy had an effect if its fate was sealed by a massive drop the first Monday after its release.

Other films such as Selfie directed by Akshay Kumar and Borer directed by Ajay Devgan also had high hopes, but the industry was disappointed when such star-led vehicles failed to pay off. .

But then came a storm on May 5th called Kerala Story, starring actor Ada Sharma, and came out victorious. Director Sudipto Sen feels that women are heavily involved in the story. Clearly, something with an organic connection seems to work. ”


Pasan–512 million rupees

TU JHOOTHI Main Makar–12.8 billion

Story of Kerala — Rs 211 Million


Mrs Chatterjee VS Norway — $2.3 billion


Shezada–¥3.0 billion

Kisika by Kisiki Jaan–10.1 billion

Selfie–1.7 billion

Adiprush – 270 crore rupees

Cutty — $4 billion

(All Indian figures based on Indian box office and trade estimates)

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