Burn Smartwatch Review, One Of The Best Smartwatch Under ₹3000

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Smartwatches are now essential. Health conscious and fitness enthusiasts should look to smartwatches to simplify their lives with innovative features. And the best part is that it fits perfectly on your wrist. Through your smartwatch, you can receive all your notifications on the go, easily make calls and listen to music via Bluetooth.

With the popularity of smartwatches, the competition among brands to develop the best smartwatches has led to increased functionality.

As you know, Cult Fitness is a leading fitness brand. Following Fit actors Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, Cultfit has welcomed Bollywood actor Nora Fatehi as its new brand ambassador. The brand is now entering the smartwatch market, and as a new technology brand, it has developed an excellent smartwatch.

CultSports has announced a new Cult Fit Pro smartwatch, the Cult.Sport Burn smartwatch. This product recently appeared on the market and he is one of the trending products. This Cult Fit Pro smartwatch is dominating the market and performing better than we expected.

cult sport smartwatch
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The price is less than 3000 yen, so it is quite affordable. This cult sport smartwatch is currently priced at just Rs 2,800.

Here we share our honest review about this latest smartwatch.

Speaking of packaging, the packaging is good enough but could be better. Inside the box you will find the smartwatch, user manual, charging cable, warranty card, voucher and feedback voucher. They also provide screen protectors and wipes for the watch and they seem to be very good. The brand offers his one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

First let’s talk about a first look at the Cultsport Burn smartwatch

watch manufacturing quality and display

Not only is the build quality of the product similar to Apple smartwatches, but the quality is also top-notch. The Cult Fit smartwatch has a glass back panel and a good sensor. They also mentioned the types of sensors present there. The back looks like porcelain. The quality of the strap on this watch is also top notch. The color of the belt is blue, so it has a luxurious feel.

The display of the smartwatch will satisfy you with its 1.78 inch AMOLED display (368*448 pixels). The only downside is that even with a screen size of 1.78 inches, it looks bigger when set to a black screen, but using a different color dial shows the bezels, making the screen look smaller. The Cult Sport smartwatch has a manageable weight and is similar in weight to other smartwatches on the market.

Features of the Cult.Sport Burn smartwatch

The watch comes with advanced fitness tracking features such as:

  • heart rate monitoring
  • SPO2 monitoring
  • blood pressure
  • sleep monitoring
  • calorie tracking
  • menstrual cycle tracking
  • number of steps
  • drink reminder
  • breathing training

In the review video below, we tested SPO2 monitoring, heart rate, and steps, and you can see that the watch performed well on all counts.

It is a watch with waterproof function and fast charging function.

Call and music test

The call function and speaker quality of this smartwatch are good. You can hear the other party’s voice clearly. When it comes to music features, the Cult Sport smartwatch sounds great. It’s great to get this quality at this price point.

Cult Fitness Smartwatch Pros/Cons

The only downsides we found were the quality of the display bezel and charger. The watch charger could have been better, as many other brands offer chargers that allow the watch to stand upright.

After weighing all the pros and cons of this Cult.Sport Burn smartwatch, I think that with all these features and qualities, getting this watch at this price point is a great deal not to be missed. We have come to a conclusion.

For more information, watch this YouTube video.

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