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D.ef Jam Recordings India is proud to announce the release of first female artist Irfana’s ‘Sheila Silk’, a landmark debut pushing the boundaries of Indian rap music. With bold lyrics, captivating beats and Ilfana’s dominating presence, this pioneering single will make an indelible impact on the rap scene.

“Sheila Silk” is a bold anthem that pushes boundaries and breaks barriers. Irfana’s fearless lyricism meets captivating beats to create a powerful sonic experience that resonates with listeners. This groundbreaking track catapulted Ilfana to the forefront of Indian rap and cemented her position as a trailblazer.

The music video for “Sheila Silk” is a visual masterpiece that perfectly captures Ilfana’s overwhelming presence and undeniable talent. Directed with skill and creativity, this video showcases Ilfana’s enormous stage presence and her unwavering confidence. Her unparalleled ability to captivate her audience shines through as she fearlessly embraces her individuality and remains unapologetic in a world that often seeks to diminish her brilliance.

Ilfana said of her personal connection to the song: “This song marks an important milestone in my career and holds a special place in my heart. Believe it and I couldn’t be more proud of the final result.It’s really humbling.” Seeing the love I always receive from my fans, I hope to share more of my work with them in the future. want to share. ”

With ‘Sheila Silk’, Irfana builds on their success so far by debuting at Universal Music India in April 2022 and releasing the sensational single ‘Southside Menace’ on Found Out Records. Known for her conscious rapping music, Ilfana stands out as a visionary in the genre, fearlessly tackling social issues, feminism and South Indian cultural heritage. Her unique chopper, her flow and unapologetic style continue to captivate her audiences, making her a true pioneer of classic her rap and its various subgenres (including her gangsta rap and conscious rap). has established her position.

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