Madonne Ashwin’s ‘Maaveeran’ starts off promisingly, with a great premise and an in-form Sivakarthikeyan, and slowly becomes tiresomely generic

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Spoilers continue…

With so much new stuff, you’ll want to cover it thoroughly. You don’t want to see it in compromised form.


“Great premise. rice field. mandelaI made the same comment about this director’s second film. Marvellanthis is a little Sequel to Mandela. Here too men are oppressed.of mandela, the protagonist was literally from an oppressed community. Here, Sathya (played by Sivakarthikeyan) is a cowardly lower-middle-class man who is oppressed by the system and its politicians. And in both films, the way out of this oppression is through the protagonist’s identity itself.of mandela, it was a voter ID card. Here we are creating a serialized work through Satya’s identity as a story writer for a manga panel. Kanni Teb– Kind of like cartoons in Tamil newspapers. Marvellan The “brave warrior” in the comics is Satya’s ID, Tyler Durden. It’s an extension of his identity, representing the anger that’s inside him but doesn’t come out.

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