Karthik G Krish’s ‘Takkar’ is filled with good ideas, but none of them are fleshed out convincingly

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Only Siddharth comfortably slips into his character’s skin as a somewhat angry young man. But what he can do is limited when the sentences are scattered all over the place.


I rate Karthik G Krish so much. He’s a director with ideas. Consider a man who has a gun pointed to his best friend’s head and has to hand over the woman he loves to a gang of gangsters. After that, everything went well and when the man tried to win her back, she refused. She should have put her own safety first, she says. “I’ve known my best friend for 25 years,” he said. she replies: myself beginning? “That’s a snappy line and a great idea. She’s really mad because she’s been defending herself against men and the only man she let her guard down did this to her.” Because, at this point, we need a sentence that takes this girl from “All guys are the same” to “Yes, this guy did terrible things, but he’s definitely different.” And it was never written. The solution to this dilemma is as stupid as it is insulting.

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