Readers Write In #582: The Story of Allen Dulles and his CIA

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The Soviet Union, despite its flaws, was thought around the world as a force that could threaten the unholy interests of the rich and ultra-rich. 20 ultra-rich elitesth The century was neither a restricted national organization, nor merely a group of businessmen who harmlessly operated within a narrow confines. In Iran, the British Oil Company owned most of the country’s oil resources for decades. In Guatemala, the United Fruit Company of USA has for many years owned most of its agricultural land for the cultivation and sale of fruit and fruit-based products. In the Congo, Belgian corporations had colonized much of Africa’s second country and exploited the country’s agricultural and mineral wealth.

In all three of these countries, the exploitation of local resources has led to impoverishment of the local population, and the companies that operate them have subsequently amassed huge profits from abroad, mainly in Europe and the United States. For some, the same story continued for decades, for others for centuries. Inspired by the example of the world’s only working-class led state, the USSR, its ideology, communism, gave hope and encouragement to millions of the working masses, allowing them to fight against capitalism, foreign powers and all forces. It was only in the middle of the 20th century that they gave hope and encouragement to fight. The people of these enslaved nations began to find their voices. Countries began producing outright Marxist or center-left leaders, by which time all these leaders had charmed their peoples not by guns and bayonets, but by more gentle, civilized, and only universal means. I learned to win popularity. Voting was recognized as a means of gaining political power.


The CIA was established directly as part of the National Security Act of the Truman Administration in 1947 to transmit, collect, and analyze all intelligence information emanating from a variety of sources under one administration. The urgent need to build an institution with vast resources and keep it entirely outside the confines of a (democratically elected) parliament countered the spread of communism worldwide after 1945. It arose out of the establishment’s fear and obsession to contain it.

Allen Dulles, one of the leading attorneys at the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, was a well-connected spy who fought for the United States in World War II. His younger brother, John Foster Dulles, was also an attorney and later secretary of state under President Eisenhower. . In many ways, the idea of ​​the CIA was the brainchild of people similar to the Dulles brothers, whose interests were closely aligned with those represented by the law firm to which they belonged. Sullivan and Cromwell had a wide range of clients, mostly wealthy corporations with operations throughout the First and Third Worlds.

Allen Dulles was stationed in Switzerland during his campaign against the Axis Powers in the early 1940s. With the help of numerous sources and connections, he was able to reach out to doujinshi within the enemy faction. Allen Dulles was a powerful anti-New Dealer despite having witnessed the runaway of American corporations who were able to avert the Great Depression of 1929 and its consequences through vast amounts of money and illegal business operations. Yes, and strongly opposed the new dealer. The center-left policy of President FD Roosevelt at the time. Dulles, much like his client, holds strong anti-poverty and anti-welfare views, and suspects that all of these pro-leaning actions are Soviet-inspired and dangerously anti-American. was

Dulles’ ability to contact Nazi ministers and officials in the final stages of the war was trained for the very specific purpose of securing a pact with Nazi Germany for the Allies and diverting the entire war with the Soviet Union. rice field. This frivolous purpose was shared by many American corporations unwilling to antagonize the already business-friendly Hitler regime. Their greatest ambition was to mobilize and consolidate all the technical and military resources of the Allies in order to eliminate the only class enemy, the anti-capitalist Soviet Union.

Dulles managed to go to great lengths to make a deal with the Nazis, but FDR remains one of the greatest presidents in American history for his consideration of the public and his basic moral disrespect, and he is one of the most respected presidents in the administration. Successfully circumvented Nazi tendencies. . But even after the Axis powers surrendered after Hitler’s death, Dulles did not want to disappoint his clients. His idea was to tap into the experience and expertise of high-ranking Nazi officials, which he thought could be used against the Soviets during the soon-to-be-started Cold War.

Dulles used his connections in the American establishment, especially the judiciary, to undermine the Nuremberg trial prosecution against the Nazis. A large number of Nazi officials and party officials directly involved in the slaughter and extermination of millions of Jews were able to escape arrest, confinement and severe punishment with the help of Dulles and his elite spies. Dulles also did a good job of maintaining a pro-Nazi bureaucracy in the new government of the Federal Republic after the collapse of the West German Third Reich, in contrast to East Germany, where the old bureaucracy was almost entirely controlled by the Soviet Union. Purged by the new East German government.


In Guatemala, the rise of new leader Jacobo Arbenz in 1951 has threatened the interests of various American corporations, some of whom have for years directly controlled the threads of the previous regime for their own benefit. Some companies have Dulles, the deputy director of the CIA, has taken cash from various companies to launch a covert operation against the new democratically elected government that has decided to nationalize some of the land through nationwide land reform. gathered and rushed to the rescue.

A military coup is planned within months and Arbenz is ushered through the door. With the entire country in turmoil, Dulles establishes himself as the go-to man whenever American corporations find themselves in trouble overseas.


A similar scenario occurred in Iran, when democratically elected leader Mohammad Mossadegh announced the nationalization of Iran’s oil industry in 1951. Within a few years, Iranian oil will be boycotted by buyers following threats from Britain and, of course, the United States. With the entire Iranian economy collapsing, Allen Dulles acquiring $1 million in funding to foster the rise of anti-Mossadegh elements in the country, law and order issues arose, and soon the Mossadegh-led political alliance would somehow collapsed. The Shah of Iran soon issued an order to remove the government and Mossadegh was imprisoned until his death in 1967.


The rise of democratically elected Patrice Lumumba in 1960 directly threatened the interests of Belgian companies in Congo. Belgium is appealing to the United States to intervene in labeling Mr. Lumumba, although it is clear that he is not a “communist.” Millions of dollars were funded by CIA minions to Katanga separatists in Congo, successfully ousting a charismatic and popular leader. Mr. Dulles has confirmed that there are enough officials in the African country to oversee the extradition of the deposed president to the separatists. Lumumba died a tragic death orchestrated by hours of physical beatings by CIA-backed Mobutu henchmen, and numerous atrocities will be committed against Lumumba’s supporters in the coming weeks, all of which It would be a great embarrassment for the newly elected US President John. F. Kennedy in 1961.


JF Kennedy was not only a hardline Democrat, he was also a man deeply committed to the cause of ending the Cold War. Even if he was staunchly anti-Soviet, he was someone who could understand and appreciate the reasons behind the terrible allegations lurking on both sides of the Iron Curtain. Kennedy’s genuine efforts to reach out to the Soviet Union struck a chord with his Soviet counterpart, Khrushchev, who expressed his willingness to negotiate and conclude a nuclear de-escalation agreement with the United States. .

Kennedy’s efforts to achieve peaceful coexistence with the Soviet Union came as most of the American establishment, controlled by people like the Dulles Brothers, was desperate to enter into an all-out nuclear confrontation with the Soviet bloc. It didn’t go well with the ruling class. The Bay of Pigs invasion of 1962, wholly planned and directed by Allen Dulles and initiated by the CIA, was one of several attempts to force Kennedy to launch a formal military invasion of Cuba, thereby inviting the Soviet Union into the conflict. Met.

Dulles decided to send only underperforming Cuban mafia personnel and poorly trained special forces to attack Cuba’s Bay of Pigs. The conflict did not last long, as Castro’s well-trained army easily defeated the Mafia’s forces. Dulles believed that a U.S. defeat at the hands of Castro would disgrace Kennedy on an international level, which would undoubtedly trigger Kennedy to approve a formal declaration of war on the tiny island. was But Kennedy was Kennedy, a pacifist, a man who had the courage to put his country before himself, and who stood his ground, not only to Allen Dulles, but to his chief of staff, to Cuba. It shocked all American businessmen who lost much of their wealth. After Castro took office in 1959.


Almost the entire story told above is a brutal condensed version of what I read recently in The Devil’s Chessboard by American scholar David Talbot. This book is beautifully crafted, stitching together sources from the American journalistic world, records from the CIA and government archives, and voices of people who have lived, met, seen, and dined with Dulles and various stars in the United States and abroad. It boasts a woven story. probability.

The last 100 pages or so show how the CIA, from the outset, refused to be placed under direct congressional oversight, ran a parallel government of its own accord, and conspired against the real US government. The focus is on whether he even managed to push out the top. The most complicated kind. The CIA, which played a key role in the 1962 murder of John F. I was even able to receive a clear report that an assassination was being investigated. Allen Dulles as one of the commission’s lead investigators.

Talbot notes that further investigation into the Kennedy assassination continues to throw hints pointing to Allen Dulles, and that even Harry Truman, who officially became the founder of the CIA in 1947, At some point, he elaborates in painstaking detail that he seems to deeply regret his decision to set up the CIA. , so much so that he openly admitted it in one of his articles for the American press.

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