‘Notes on this, that, and everything in between’ – Episode 2: Watching older films…

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No problem seeing these old classics.
I watch them either to laugh at their cheesiness or to see why people thought they were great at the time.

I saw MGR’s Vivasaayi a few months ago, where an old farmer pounced on KR Vijaya just because she was wearing modern clothes, and he was thrilled to see her in it. There was a scene

And MGR loudly sings a song of Nala Nala Nilam Phatu that doesn’t even match the situation that just happened.

It was terrible to watch, but I was totally hooked on Kudiilunda Covil even though I knew what was going to happen next thanks to the many son exchange movies I watched after this. rice field.

One of the things I learned from these old movies is that (I have said this many times on this blog) movies also have a political bent, some directly supporting a particular political party. But unlike today’s films, it had a story to back up its political leanings. messaging.

Parasakti was not just a film adaptation of a random Karunanidhi sermon, it contained the dramatic story of a man searching for his brother.

The MGR movies of the mid 60’s and early 70’s had DMK/ADMK propaganda dialogue and songs, but MGR didn’t forget to punch Nambia/Ashokan and give them a lesson.


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