Mamta Kulkarni’s Throwback Video Of Calling Sridevi & Rekha ‘Cosmetic Beauties’ Go Viral, Netizens React “She Really Had The Guts To Call Out People…”

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Mamta Kulkarni's past video calling Sridevi and Rekha 'cosmetics beauties' goes viral, netizens react - watch the video
Mamta Kulkarni’s past video calling Sridevi and Rekha ‘cosmetics beauties’ goes viral, netizens react – attention (photo credit – Instagram; Wikipedia; IMDb)

Mamta Kulkarni was one of the big name actresses of the 90’s and was a really popular actress back then. She has done some admirable work in Bollywood such as ‘Karan Arjun’, ‘Ghatak’ and ‘Ahankar’. Her past videos of her Mamta are now circulating on social media, in which she calls Sridevi and Rekha “makeup beauties,” with netizens reacting in the comments. Scroll down to watch the video.

For those who don’t know, Shri and Rekha are timeless Bollywood beauties who have gone on to great success in their respective careers. Actress Nargin passed away in 2018, but Rekha is still known for her graceful grace, and she never misses an opportunity to make a public appearance and grab her attention. yeah.

Now, talking about this video, a Reddit page named “Bolly Blinds N Gossip” took to the stage and shared a clip of an interview with Mamta Kulkarni at the time, where she harshly criticized Sridevi and Rekha, They are called “cosmetics beauties”.

Mamta says: “Shuri and Rekha were totally ‘cosmetic beauties’. But through someone they made matlab unke pichhe koi tha, just pichhe koi nahin tha.”

Watch the video below.

In an interview, the bold and beautiful Mamta Kulkarni talks about the journeys and struggles of Bollywood and how Nepo children like Raveena and Pooja make it easy, and also delves into Sridevi and Rekha.
To u/Usurper96 of volley blind n gossip

In response to Mamta Kulkarni’s video on the site, users commented: “At the time, when she posed nude (she had her breasts covered, so it wasn’t really nude), it caused an uproar…this was before the days of bjp Sangis In retrospect, someone else could have given her a bad reputation.

Another user wrote, “Wow…she really had the courage to call people out like that. It seems like all these issues have been there from the beginning. It’s only now.”

A third commented, “Do you know Reka, um, it’s COSMETIC BEAUTY, damn it.”

What are your thoughts on netizens’ reactions to Mamta Kulkarni’s retrospective interview that mentioned Sridevi and Rekha?

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