Taylor Swift and Matty Healy rumoured to have split after dating for a month

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Taylor Swift and Matty Healy apparently broke up before people got used to the concept of them being together. The two have been dating since early May. Matty may have been just Taylor’s rebound partner after splitting from his longtime partner Joe Alwyn.

It was later revealed through a source that the relationship was only a short-term plan from the beginning, suggesting that the romance was casual from the start.

Taylor Swift Matty Healy

In an attempt to clear up doubts, The 1975 vocalist Matty Healy recently announced his relationship with Taylor on stage before the band performed. he asked the crowd: “Is it a little thing? Is it a sincere thing? Is he going to work on it someday?” and suddenly shouted, “Hey guys, this is 1975.” All their concerns are cleared.

Taylor Swift Matty Healy

When Taylor Swift told fans during a live performance, “I’ve never been happier in every aspect of my life,” Swift expressed unbridled joy and a new phase in her life with Matty. seemed to confess. And she expressed her gratitude to those who contributed to it.

“This is more than just a tour, I feel like my life finally has meaning, so I decided to play this song because it brings back so many happy memories.” she added.

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