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Actor Parineeti Chopra returned to Mumbai on Sunday night, days after getting engaged to Aam Admi leader Ragab Chadha. Their engagement ceremony was held in Delhi. Parineeti has been frequently spotted traveling with his fiancée and has even been spotted arriving at the airport without Raghav. Also read: Parineeti Chopra’s father cries over unseen photos of her and Rahghav Chadha’s engagement

Parineeti Chopra at Mumbai Airport.  (Photo: Varinda Chawla/Viral Bayani)(Varinder Chawla/Viral Bayani)
Parineeti Chopra at Mumbai Airport. (Photo: Varinda Chawla/Viral Bayani)(Varinder Chawla/Viral Bayani)

A paparazzi video shows the media spotting Parineeti outside the airport gate and smiling. She wore a white T-shirt with a beige jacket and denim pants. She wore black sunglasses and carried a bag.

She was stopped by a fan who requested a selfie with her. She happily posed with fans and walked to her car. Before getting into her car, one of her photographers asked her, “Parijisha Dikabhay (when is her wedding)?” The actor did not answer questions, but he thanked the media for their congratulations.

Ms. Parineeti said, “Thank you, thank you very much for listening to many of your wishes.” She even blew a kiss before closing her car door. Parineeti and Raghav got engaged on May 13 at Kapurthala House in New Delhi. The two performed a traditional Sikh ceremony, attended by friends, family members and several politicians.

Ragav and Parineeti have been spotted together several times over the past few months and were rumored to be dating. The couple finally officially announced their relationship after their engagement ceremony by posting the first photos from their engagement day. It read, “Everything I prayed for…I answered yes!”

Afterwards, Parineeti thanked those who congratulated them on their engagement. She wrote, “Rahghav and I have been overwhelmed by the love and the abundance of positivity we have received over the last few weeks, especially regarding our engagement. We are both from different worlds, but our “It’s great to know that the world is united by our union.” “We have a bigger family than we ever imagined.”

“We are so moved by everything we have read and seen, and we cannot thank you all enough. Embark on your journey.A special shoutout to all of our wonderful friends in the media.Thank you for coming out and cheering us on all day.Love,Pariniti and Raghub,” she concluded.

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