Readers Write In #583: Objects in the rear view mirror: 2000s Kollywood

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This article is the third in a series of random recollections of recent decades in Kollywood. Here are the first and second.

To Srinivasan thunder

Chennai 600028 (2007, Venkat Prabhu)

It is surprising that a cricket-obsessed city had not released a memorable film about cricket before. Chennai 600028 attacked the arena. The more I think about this movie, the more questions arise about how this project got the go-ahead in the first place — it’s a movie starring fun-loving, amateurish actors. , friendship, love, and gully cricket. But miracles do happen on site. Venkat Prabhu had a spectacularly successful directorial debut. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s albums are cool and worth listening to all day long. Chennai 600028 It proves once again that it’s not just celebrity and trickery that counts, it’s an honest and fresh approach. This is a cult movie.

Kaakha Kaakha (2003, Gautam Vasdev Menon)

Electrical. nice. Ruthless. Director Gautham has redefined the genre of Tamil police films as: Kakakakakaka. With plenty of Hollywood inspiration, this production broke many molds for Kollywood. As an example, a heroine killed by a gang in front of a helpless police hero. For that matter, even the choice of title. The story unfolds as a giant flashback with a Manila Tonamism-esque narration by the protagonist. Again, not common in Tamil cinema. The script also presented a beautiful romance plot that was very well acted by the pair of Surya and Jyotika without getting bogged down in the action elements. Kakakakakaka This is also a study on the power of film editors. Anthony was the unseen hand that channeled both the film’s brutal energy and tender moments in such a way that every part did its due and the whole production still felt wholesome. For a really good movie, it’s hard to decipher whether the goodness of the movie is independent of the music. This is one such movie.not actually Kakakakakaka without it Wiirinuire…and the theme track.just a little shade below Varanam Airam (2008), this film is one of the best works of Harris Jayaraj. A landmark film for Surya, his ACP Ambuselvan lives on in our hearts.

Partivelan (2007, Amer)

When I saw Carti’s acting debut in a small-town cinema, it didn’t make sense to me right away. First, the story itself was very thin and nothing particularly new. Omakuchi. The performance was totally mesmerizing, but no clear point was taken from this film. But the climax left you horrified. As time went on, the lump in my throat got bigger.Supporting actors too Chitap And Douglas became a giant figure. Priyamani won the National Acting Award. Yuvan Shankar Raja also proved his mettle on his first expedition in the hinterland. This movie was a new animal that had never been seen on screen before. Partivelan A masterclass in film writing. It is truly a milestone in the history of Tamil cinema.

Sammy (2003, Hari)

Police stories are evergreen material in the world of cinema.and saamiIn Kollywood, director Hari created the blueprint for a funny police movie set in a flashy, small town. (Whether he thought the blueprints were perfect and eternal is another story.) The film has quite a few thrilling sets. saami Perumal Pichai (a high-impact role by Kota Srinivasa Rao, but a poor lip-syncer) gets annoyed when you let the thugs chase you just to teach you a lesson. saami such as bomb hoaxes. This movie is highly dramatic. Veteran actors such as Manorama, Delhi Ganesh and Vijayakumar gave decent performances throughout. But for some reason, Vivek’s NSK-type message-comedy tunes just didn’t suit me. With some great stunts, his sequences, great output by Harris Jayaraj, and an emotionally detailed script, saami Thank you for the meal.Ann agmark commercial package saami It pushed Vikram into the stratosphere of stardom. No wonder Vikram still holds a leading position in Kollywood. But Trisha Krishnan’s longevity is great. She is a feat for a female actor.

Virmandi (2004, Kamal Haasan)

Written and directed by Kamal Haasan (Bloody). Villemandy Made against all expectations. Immediately from the original title selection (Sandiyar) project suffered multiple attacks. Rashomon– Very well written inspired screenplay that presents the story from two different perspectives. (12B, there was a movie coming out some time ago with yet another new way of storytelling. ) The way the background score and songs intertwine beautifully and merge with his two different versions of the story creates pure magic. Villemandy The script (especially the dialogue: Dialogue), the acting (special mention: “Gubert Jolie” brothers), the cinematography (Jarricat sequences and singing), the directing (crowd handling), the editing, the music, the art, etc. It’s a movie full of But is it a great movie? are you in the league of Tevar Magan? i am not sure.I would love to see it Villemandy – Cut version. One without the death penalty controversy. Perhaps it would make a really great movie.To push the limits, I would have liked to see Villemandy (cut version) Surya or Vikram is the main character.

Other Loved Ones: Alaipayutei, Kadar, Subramanipuram

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