The Night Manager Part 2 Box Office Collection ,Budget, OTT Views, Hit or Flop, TRP

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The Night Manager Part 2 by Anil Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Sovita Dhulipala premiered this week on Disney + Hotstar. This article analyzes its performance, the viewership budget it got with Disney + Hotstar in India, and whether it was successful or not. It’s a hit or a miss, and where it ranks overall over the opening weekend.

Night Manager Part 2 OTT View (TRP)

The Night Manager Part 2 garnered 5.2 million or 52 million views in its opening weekend at Disney + Hotstar in India, which is well below 5.2 million or 52 million. I’m here. night manager part 1. Night Manager Part 2 was his second-most-watched direct-to-ott release this week behind Bigg Boss OTT 2, and it also competed with, but comfortably surpassed, Lust Stories 2. The Night Manager Part 1 is also his ninth most watched OTT show in the database. We expect The Night Manager to finish with his 30 million to his 35 million lifetime views in its lifetime, which is slightly less than Rudra’s 35.2 million lifetime views. I guess.

Night manager part 2 will be a hit or a flop

Night Manager averages 5.2 million or 52 million views according to our viewing criteria compared to a cost of 850 million. Compared to Night Manager Part 1, it’s a low debut, but it still lives up to its budget.

Hit or Flop Criteria

Content with more than 4 million views is considered average as it is decent content. If the show gets over his 8 million views, it’s a hit.If the show gets over 10 million views, it’s a super hit.

Night Manager Part 2 Budget

The season budget of “Night Manager” is 850 million yen, with Anil Kapoor’s estimated annual salary of 250 million yen and Aditya Roy Kapoor’s estimated annual salary of 1500 billion yen. Interestingly, The Night’s manager was offered to Hrithik Roshan for a salary of 7.5 billion, which is rumored to have passed.

Where to watch Night Manager Part 2 on OTT

You can watch Night Manager Part 2 below. DISNEY + HOTSTAR HERE

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night manager 8 million views 15 million views Disney + Hotstar
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Gulmohal 6.5 million views Disney + Hotstar
Falge 6.4 million views 38 million views amazon prime

You can check the full list of Most viewed OTT series in India here

For those seeking a source of viewing information, it usually comes from the same industry as the producers and box office.

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