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Wolffi Javed has become the latest celebrity to speak out in support of the ongoing wrestler protests in New Delhi. She used her Twitter handle to comment on the deformed photo of Sangeetha Phogat and Vinesh Phogat clicked on after being detained by police. Their transformed photos are now going viral. Wolfi questioned those who have shared the wrong image. Also read: Wolffi Javed mocks Vivek Agnihotri in ‘costume slavery’ tweet about Aishwarya Rai

Wolfi Javed reacts to wrestler protests in Delhi

Wolfi Javed on wrestler protests

“Why do people edit photos like this to prove they are lying!” wrote Wolfi. “Kisi ko Galat thehrane k Liye itna nahi girna Chahiye k jhoot ka sahara liya jaaye (Don’t bend over and use lies just to prove someone wrong).” tweeted a video of the protest that showed the group trying to clear the site.

A modified photo of Sangeetha Phogat and Vinesh Phogat showed them smiling inside a police van. They were being taken away by the police. However, in the original, it was drawn with a serious face. The same photo was shared on Twitter by Bajran Punia. She tweeted, “IT cells folks are spreading this false photo. I am clarifying that prosecution will be filed against whoever posted this false photo.”

What happened in the wrestlers’ protest?

Wrestlers have been protesting against Indian Wrestling Federation (WFI) President Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh at Jantar Mantar for quite some time. They demand his arrest on suspicion of sexual harassment. On Sunday, when Vinesh Phogat, his cousin Sangeetha Fogar and Sakshi Malik started breaking through the barricades, chaos began at the scene as wrestlers and police officers shoved and shoved. All three were detained along with others at the protest.

Reports say the wrestlers were forced into a bus and taken to various unknown locations. On the same day Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the new parliament building, Delhi police cleared the protest site, removing cots, mattresses, coolers, fans and tarpaulin ceilings along with the wrestler’s other belongings. bottom.

“They are being detained for violating law and order. We will take legal action when the time is right after investigation,” Law and Order Special CP Deependra Pathak told PTI. Told.

Meanwhile, actor and producer Pooja Bhatt said, “Male priests were respectfully escorted through parliament. (Crossed hands emoji) Female athletes being rudely treated on the streets. Joy? Sadness? Pride? Shame. What do we feel and what should we feel?”

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