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Rabkanshu Ghaag, from Hariyamvi, embarked on his acting dream in 2015 and after eight years, finally finished his lead film which is set to be released in the next few months.

Lovecanshe Garg
Lovecanshe Garg

“After grade 12, I stayed in Delhi for nearly two years, but didn’t get anything in particular, so I moved to Mumbai. was an eye opener for me.Mumbai teaches the realities of life and provides a space for everyone who has a dream to make their dreams come true.” Actors who played said. Ye Rishta Kya Kerata High and Sangkat Mochan Hanuman.

He soon realized that doing little things here and there wouldn’t get him anywhere. “Being a junior artist allowed me to survive, but I had bigger dreams. I worked with him as an assistant director on the film. Main Murayam Singh Yadav (2021), before i die (2022) Kushal Oza’s film is not yet released little thomas Starring Gulshan Devaia and Rasika Dougal. ”

Luckily, he landed a starring role in a movie he was helping out with. “Working behind the camera was the biggest learning for me. Lord Suvendu was looking for a boy from Bihar Kusum Ka Biyaa. I asked him to audition and finally shot the film in Jharkhand and Bihar last winter. I have a strong Hariyamvi accent, so I underwent a rigorous workshop to speak Hindi correctly. ”

The film was supposed to be released in July, but was pushed forward. “I was a little upset at first, but that’s life! I’ve auditioned for more projects, one of which he’s finalized, but I haven’t signed yet.” , said the actor during his second visit to Lucknow after the screening of the film. main murayam...

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