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Actor Abhirash Tapryal criticized the industry’s gender bias while speaking out about his friendship with Thapsi Panu. Asked about Tarpsy’s screenplay choices, he said, “In terms of choosing male-dominant characters, why not take the same scrutiny as Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan?” Abhilash also doesn’t know her tarpsy process, but what he does know is that she was dedicated to her profession, disciplined, and friendly to others even after appearing in her blockbuster film. There is.

Abhirash Tapryar was recently in Cannes for the premiere of the movie Kennedy.

HT Smartcast creator Baazi chat show host Shikhar Varshney spoke with actor Abhilash Thapliyal, who is returning from his debut at the Cannes Film Festival.

Kennedy and Anurag Kashyap, Cannes Film Festival

Besides walking the red carpet, Abhirash Tapariyar is full of excitement after attending the Cannes Film Festival, where he also starred in the movie Kennedy, which received a seven-minute standing ovation in the Midnight Screening category. The actor traveled to Cannes with director Anurag Kashyap and co-stars Sunny Leone and Rahul Baht. He thanked various film people from around the world, including film school students and veteran filmmakers who attended.

Abhilash fondly recalls his first meeting with director Anurag Kashyap, who was busy filming the movie Dhovara. Then he got an unexpected call from Kashyap, the director gave him the script and asked if he was interested in playing a role. Kashyap said, “While developing the character, I envisioned you as the perfect fit.”

i’m still discovering myself

Abhilash belongs to an army family and was raised in various locations including Uttarakhand, Delhi and eventually Mumbai. He strongly believes that discipline and punctuality are ingrained in him because of his family background. A workaholic, Abhilash understands the importance of time. Abhilash is grateful to his parents for allowing him the freedom to pursue his own interests and experiment with regards to his career and education. Even when things didn’t go as planned, they provided unwavering support.

Abhilash attributes his street smarts to the time he spent in Delhi, but describes Mumbai as a city of poor judgment. According to him, a person’s worth is not determined by the car he drives, the phone he uses, or the clothes he wears. It goes beyond these material aspects. Abhilash believes the definition of a person needs to include more. When asked what defines him, he admitted that he genuinely enjoys the work he’s doing and that he’s still finding it.

How Lord SK nearly got typecast

Abhilash reflects on his journey after his notable role as SK Sir on TVF’s Aspirant. From there, he ventured into a mini-series titled ‘SK Sir ki Class’, after which he received numerous script offers based on similar concepts, all due to the show’s success. This breakthrough allowed him to break out of the monotony of supporting comedic roles and showcase his serious acting abilities.

Abhilash thanked the character of SK Sir, especially in Ajay Baal’s film Blur, Ashwini Iyer Tiwari’s series Faadu – Love Story, Ajay Devgan’s Maidan and Navdeep. He acknowledges that the director has played a pivotal role in securing opportunities for future projects such as Singh’s Shehar Lacote. Abhilash credits luck for giving him this opportunity, but he also recognizes the importance of hard work and dedication to the characters he plays leaving a lasting impact. increase.

What did Ayushman Kururana, Zakir Khan, Prajakta Kohli and others who worked at the radio station do?

Abhilash spoke of the importance of taking every opportunity to help when you want to be successful. He emphasized the importance of taking action rather than overthinking. Abhilash also recommends experimenting and taking risks. Coming from a middle-class background, he stresses that no big fortune is at risk if things don’t go according to plan. This reel of him and the host talking has been re-shared many times on Instagram.

Why should the media cover topics that concern us?

Abhilash said everyone has subjective limits when it comes to keeping up with the news. While some may think Virat Kohli’s defeat of Pakistan in the T20 World Cup is newsworthy, others may have other concerns. Abhilash recalled a time when national news about women being harassed and abused was prioritized regardless of what was going on in Bollywood or cricket. Abhilash says he started a campaign for justice while he was working in radio. As a media professional, he believes in spreading awareness about important news and discussing relevant causes. He believes that because this approach involves a wider audience, news reporting should provide all the necessary facts and figures without taking sides or changing the narrative.

Abhilash also revealed many other things, from his confession that he doesn’t watch many movies to his admiration for Boman Irani.

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