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Veteran actor Mushmi Chatterjee joins actor Reena Roy in The Kapil Sharma Show. In a new promotional teaser for the upcoming episode, which was released on social media, the actor known for his unfiltered comments divided viewers by making hilarious comments about a new generation of actors. (Also read: Mushmi Chatterjee reveals Mahesh Bhatt told him, ‘I’m going to get pregnant whenever my career goes up’)

Mushmi Chatterjee will appear in The Kapil Sharma Show.
Mushmi Chatterjee will appear in The Kapil Sharma Show.

Mooshmi at the Kapil Sharma Show

Previously, a teaser had Mushmi speechless at Kapil Sharma’s cheeky reply, giving a sneak peek at what to expect from the episode. Aside from Kapil, even Krushna Abhishek couldn’t finish his lines, and he stuttered several times when Mushmi silenced him with her remarks.

Mushmi’s comments about movie heroes

Now, as reported by the Indian Express, Mushmi was harsh on the new generation of actors, saying, “Pele ke hero ko apko borna nahi pata ta ki yeh hero hai , dicta ta ki hero hai.” Abhi toh baaju mein ho aur poocho hero kaun hai, toh dusra bolega, ‘Chup, baaju mein hi toh hai’ You didn’t have to ask if you were a hero today, even if a hero is standing next to you).

In another part, when Kiku Sharda came in and asked Mushmi if she could take a banana from the table, she said, “Ahaha, bade ai ma ke durale (Oh, what an obedient I guess),” he said sarcastically. When Krushna Abhishek stood in front of her to say a line and made a funny move, Mushmi asked him, “Apko kya bathroom jana hai?” The actor’s cheeky comeback made the audience laugh. .

Mooshmi last appeared in Shujit Sarkar’s Piku (2015) alongside Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan. Moushmi Chatterjee’s most notable works include Anurag (1972), Roti Kapada Aul Makhan (1974), Manzil (1979), Angour (1982), Gha Ek Mandir (1984) year), etc. She won her 2015 Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award.

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