Anupam Kher calls Satish’s kid Vanshika ‘more than daughter for me’ on birthday | Bollywood

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Actor Anupam Kher has been very supportive of the family of his friend Satish Kaushik, who passed away earlier this year. Anupam frequently shares posts on his own social media platforms that also feature Satish Kaushayk’s daughter Vansika. Vansika turned 11 on Saturday, and Anupam shared a post about her on Instagram. He also called Vansika “more than a daughter to me.” (Also read | Anupam Kher promises late Satish Kaushik’s daughter to star in film)

Old photo of Anupam Kel, Satish Kaushik and his daughter Vansika.
Old photo of Anupam Kel, Satish Kaushik and his daughter Vansika.

Anupam shares a few photos

Anupam shared several old and new photos on Instagram of himself, his mother Durali Kel, Vansika, Satish and his wife Shashi Kaushik. In one of the pictures, baby Vansika was walking on a slope with Satish. She also took pictures with her family and Anupam.

Anupam hugged Vansika while Satish sat next to him in an old photo and smiled. Mr. Satish, Mr. Shashi, Ms. Vansika Dhurali, Ms. Anupam, Ms. Raju Kel and his wife also posed for photos. In one recent photo, Anupam and Shashi smiled at the camera with Vansika.

Anupam writes a note to Vanshika

While sharing the photo, Anupam wrote, “Happy birthday dearest beloved #Vansika! May God grant you all happiness, longevity, peace and great success in the world. Your May all your dreams come true, I know you will miss #VanCika,” she captioned the photo. “

She added, “You are amazing, gorgeous, intelligent, bright, funny and unique. Love, prayers and blessings on your special day and the rest of your life! Jete Raho Aul Hmesha Kush Raho ( Please be blessed and happy.” everytime). Anupam has geo-tagged the place as Hyderabad. In response to the post, Mahima Choudhury wrote, “Happy Birthday Ms. Vansika.” Chunky Pandey wished “Happy Happy Birthday”. “The happiest birthday doll,” commented Isha Koppikal.

Anupam said he would host Vanshika’s birthday party

Last month, Anupam posted a video on Instagram of him having a long talk with Vansika. During the conversation, when Anupam asked Vansika what she wanted, she replied that she only wanted him to come to the party. Anupam, she said, will host a party for Vanshika.

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