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Veteran Dipika Chikria reacted to controversy that erupted after film director Om Laut was spotted kissing Kriti Sanon goodbye outside the Tirupati temple grounds. Dipika, who has immortalized the role of Sita, shared her frustration over the incident and said Kriti may not have thought of herself as Sita. Kriti will play the role of Janaki in Om Raut’s new film Adiprush, based on the epic Ramayana. Also read: Ranbir Kapoor Booked Adipurush Tickets for 10,000 Underprivileged Children: Report

Dipika Chiklia opens up about Kriti Sanon and Om Laut’s kissing controversy

Kriti Sanon and Om Laut

Recently, the creators of Adipurush unveiled the final trailer for the film at a pre-release event held in Tirupati. Later, Om Raut and Kriti Sanon were sighted at Lord Venkateswara Temple. After asking for his blessing, Om Laut was spotted kissing Kriti goodbye, which some people on social media didn’t like.

Dipika Chiklia talks about Kriti Sanon and Om Laut’s kiss

About this, Dipika Chiklya told Aajtak.in in Hindi. For them, Ramayana must have been just a movie. Perhaps they are not mentally connected with it. Critie is an actress of today’s generation. In today’s world, kissing or hugging someone is considered sweet. She must have never thought of herself as Sita Ji. It becomes a matter of emotion. I lived the character Seeta, but today’s actresses think of it as just a role. Once the movie or project is over, they don’t care anymore. ”

“As for us. Nobody dared to call us by name on set. A lot of people came on set and touched our feet when we were playing our characters. It was a different time, they didn’t see us as actors, they thought we were gods, we couldn’t even hug anyone, let alone kiss. ‘s actors may get so busy with their next project after the release and forget about their character, but that never happened to us. We were treated as if we were gods who came down from heaven and live in this world, so we never did anything to hurt people’s feelings,” said Dipika. added.

Dipika played the lead role of Goddess Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan. Actor Arun Govil played the role of Lord Rama. This show was broadcast on Doordarshan channel in his late 80’s.

Meanwhile, Adipursh stars Prabhas, Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan. It will be released on June 16th.

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